Keep Him Singing In The Shower

This month you need to stock up the man cave bathroom with products from Aveda Men, Raincry, Fulton & Roark, Trilogía, dõTerra and Australian Gold. The following are the top picks to keep gents clean, healthy and singing in his shower.

Aveda Men has a *pure-performance* trio of shampoo, conditioner and hair pomade. Made with organic spearmint, vitiver, lavender and other extracts from plants and flowers, the revitalizing scent gave it additional points on the tally chart. Aveda grooming clay helps keep hair styled even on the muggiest of days.

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For the guys with any hairstyle including a full beard and lion’s mane of hair, try the Raincry — Condition hairbrush large. Aside from each brush being hand-painted in France, the quality of the paddle brush actually helps to condition hair and scalp by utilizing the body’s natural oils. This product is made with root boar bristles and it won extra points for the bristles that massage the scalp.

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This dual-purpose shower gel + shampoo is perfect for guys who like to hit the shower and then immediately hit the road. Fulton & Roark provides men with this super-sized bottle that is formulated with rosemary, B5 and caffeine.   The scent is masculine with a hint of eucalyptus and peppermint. They also get a thumb’s up for their dry cologne that comes in a clever metal dispenser.   Check out the Sterling.

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For the mystical Metro Man, doTerra offers a collection of natural oils that can be ingested and added to drinks (water) or topically. For instance, their peppermint oil can be used as a mouthwash. They also suggest putting a drop of the peppermint in one hand and their wild orange in the other palm, rub them together and the oil scent will open up the air passages and improve respiration.  These are just two of the essential oils in their collection.

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While most skincare experts recommend going out in the sunlight with an SPF factor of 50, Australian Gold Ultimate Hydration SPF 30 is fine to venture out when you tan easily and don’t plan on spending the entire day basking at the lake, pool or ocean. The spray is easy to apply and water resistant for up to 80 minutes.

Available here: Australian Gold

Probably the most important hygiene product this season is hand sanitizer. Trilogía is a must-have for every gent’s bathroom, backpack and briefcase. Crafted in Santa Cruz, California, their hand cleanse is made with 70% alcohol and terpene found in lemon, lavender and eucalyptus. Fighting germs that spread bacteria and viruses is a responsible routine.

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