Sofa Sense: Which Style Suits Your Space?

Whether you’re decorating your new house or apartment or redesigning one room, it can be overwhelming when you realize how much actually goes into creating your ideal home. A furniture piece that is often stress-producing is your sofa — choosing a sofa that matches your decor theme, while still being comfortable enough for people to enjoy, and being the right size for the room is a challenge. But take heart: you can use this helpful guide to deciding which sofa style will deliver the room of your dreams:

Before You Buy
Before settling on one sofa and calling it a day, you should compare sofas. Compare different brands and seat depths to ensure that your couch is going to cater to you and all of your couch needs.

If you are more likely to be using your couch for naps, make sure you know how long the sofa needs to be so you can rest comfortably. If you like to sit with your feet up, be sure that the couch you are interested in has the appropriate depths for you to be able to kick your feet up.

For the Elegant Room
If the room you are decorating is supposed to have a more elegant, upscale feel, consider purchasing a leather couch. Fabric is often considered to be on the more casual side, so try to stick with non fabric materials.

Also, keep the sofa a neutral color to avoid making the sofa the centerpiece. White, gray, black, browns, and tans are all good color options to keep the elegance in the room noticeable, but not obnoxious and in your face.

For the Busy House
If you have kids all over the place, or animals that like to make your things their own, keep that in mind when trying to choose a sofa. Opt for a couch that has easy-to-clean material and material that is also difficult to stain. Good examples of these durable fabrics are cotton, linen, and synthetic microfiber. Chances are if you have little ones running around on feet or paws, accidents are bound to happen, so be prepared with a durable sofa. Of course, stay away from colors that stains are noticeable on, such as lighter colors, and stick to darker browns, grays, and black.

For Larger Rooms
Living rooms come in all different sizes, and if you find yourself with a lot of space to fill in a sprawling living room, you may not know how to decorate it. Fill up the space with a bigger sectional couch. You can then shape and reshape sectional sofas to your liking, so you’re not stuck with an awkward love seat in the middle of your room or with any particular pattern for too long. You can even add cute side tables to complete the look. If you are not into the sectional couch look, you can always add multiple couches and chairs to fill the room, but either way will work.

For Smaller Rooms
If you find your living room or space is on the smaller side (Hello, Manhattan!), there are options for you to decorate without making the space look cluttered or messy. Find a sofa that fits your area and choose neutral and light colors for the material to open up the room more. Keep the room neutral, light, and multifunctional to maximize space in an otherwise smaller than average room.

For the Minimalistic Look
If you’re a fan of minimalism, you may not know what kind of sofa will fulfill the look you want to achieve without being too stripped-down and dull, or too bold and overbearing. Opt for a simple, geometric design in a neutral color: mainly white, gray, or black. A little goes a long way in the minimalist world, so keep that in mind when shopping for your sofa.

For All Vintage Lovers
Finding inspiration for vintage living areas can be rather tricky if you don’t know where to start, so of course, start with the sofa as a decor anchor. Look to colors like beige, soft browns, and gold — or floral patterns to achieve the cozy vintage touch. Leather or fabric works.

For a Modern Living Room
To obtain the modern living room look you desire, keep open space and clean lines in mind. Choose a sofa that with minimal patterns and straight lines in the design, rather than curves. Neutral colors should also be incorporated. Modern living rooms are meant to use space to the maximum to allow each piece to have their own time to shine, including the couch.

For the Rustic Room
Whether you’re decorating a cabin in the middle of the woods, or simply prefer the homespun rustic design, you won’t go wrong with adding a little bit of nature to your room. Include a couch that incorporates wood into your decor, with colors such as browns, beige, or black. Linen, cotton, and leather are all popular materials in rustic living rooms.

No matter what your living room style may be, there is always a sofa to match, so don’t settle for something you think you only might like. Explore what’s out there. Ask salespeople to suggest styles and colors, and above all else, don’t sacrifice comfort. In the end, the solution to finding the perfect sofa is to make sure you find a piece that exclaims, “I’m exactly what you’ve been looking for all of this time!”

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