Solarpuff Solar Lanterns Light Up the Season

The Solarpuff Solar Lantern by Solight-Design is a multi-hued, lightweight solar lantern from investor Alice Chun that can be attached to trees at night, float beautifully upon water (pools, rivers, fountains), serve as a safe and entrancing night light for children, replace candles in the middle of your dining table, and can save the day when the power invariably goes out.

These eco-friendly lanterns last 4-8 hours after charging in the sunlight by day for 8 hours, and they open and collapse easily. They’re good for 1000+ lifecycles and deliver 45 Lumens, so these are not only gorgeous, but they’re incredibly useful for anyone who needs or wants soft light at night.

The Multicolor Solar Puff has a velcro handle and changes colors with a press of a button to shimmer in red, white, purple, green, blue, yellow, and a multi-changing color option. These make great gifts at only $30 a pop because they’re distinctive and will undoubtedly come in handy. There’s also a 1-year warranty for doubters.

Visit to check out their full line of lanterns in a variety of shapes and sizes. Toss them in to your luggage or backpack when traveling, hiking, or camping because these are literally brilliant.