Spice Tea for Two

It’s spice tea season and the perfect moment for a warming sip as temperatures drop. Kusmi Tea Paris offers two delicious organic blends that will bring a smile to the lips of a tea connoisseur or even a dedicated coffee drinker.

Only Spices features irresistible notes of cinnamon and ginger that are lifted by the fresh touch of aniseed and licorice. Then, it’s grounded by the full-bodied accents of fennel and cloves. This tea gives off a unique, airier spice vibe with an almost fruity aroma. It stands apart from most traditional spice teas in its lightness and delicacy. (You must be on team Licorice to appreciate its earthy sweetness.) The elegant mix of Only Spices is like an exquisite lace. Experience this caffeine-free herbal delight hot or iced.

Tchai of the Tiger combines black tea and fragrant spices and was made in collaboration with WWF France. (Kusmi sponsors WWF in protecting wild tigers, a species threatened with extinction and an iconic animal in tea-producing regions.) This black tea is an intricate medley of organic spices – ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and black pepper. It’s heartier and more traditionally spicy than Only Spices, yet it still has a sweet undertone. Add steamed milk for a simple at-home chai. Take it easy, tiger, with a toasty tea on a chilly autumn day.