The Beast… A Blender Like No Other

The Beast is the ultimate in blenders, and aptly named because of its powerful motor. The Beast B10 Full System Blender is creatively designed with innovative technology, and the result is a hassle-free machine for nutrient-rich smoothies and infusions. The mid-August heat is ideal for cold smoothies, iced frappes, blending gazpacho and other chilled soups, and for whipping up cold sauces and salad dressings.

The personal blenders on the market weren’t cutting it for the makers of The Beast, so they built a blending system that would do everything from blend to tote in one fell swoop.

Simply switch out the Beast’s blend lid for its screw-on tote lid, and you can carry your healthy concoction to the gym, park, picnic, car, or schlepp down the hall to the bedroom. The blender is designed to be mobile, to be easy to use, to work well, and to stand the test of time. It’s a great investment, and a fantastic wedding or birthday gift.

Choose your preferred blending method and color (white, black, gray), then start creating your own healthy signature blends:
Beast Health™ Blender / Beast Blender
Produces the smoothest blends to make you Strong Inside™
Price: $155.00

B10 Full System / Beast Blender + Hydration System
Make the best smoothies and infusions
Price $185.00

Hydration System | Cloud White | Beast Health Hydration System
Glass bottle for making infusions and taking blends to-go
Price: $38.00

The Beast’s one-minute blending cycle creates the smoothest, most chunk-free, and nutrient-packed smoothies ever, along with salsas, dips, margaritas, etc. It’s been hailed as “the most aesthetically pleasing blender” by Oprah, Halle Berry, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Plus, it’s so lovely that you’ll want to keep it out on your countertop. Its accompanying Hydration System, designed to be used in tandem with the blender, makes drinking water a much more flavorful, nutrient-packed experience.

Find them all here: The Beast blenders are also featured at Crate and Barrel and West Elm stores.