The Vase Reinvented: Amaranth Vases

When clever innovation meets a traditional vase, what you get is a stylish, functional Amaranth Vase! I absolutely these vases, they make caring for a beautifully arranged bouquet a walk in the park, while also looking incredibly sleek and stylish on any counter and table. They’re the perfect gift for yourself of a loved one.

Unlike traditional vases— which require quite a bit of fumbling with a bouquet arrangement in order to just change the water— Amaranth Vases make it as easy as lifting up your vase and twisting over a sink. Its innovative design drains water from a hole at the bottom of the vase, and also gives you convenient and easy access to the lower stems of your flowers to give them a quick trim.

Composed of a proprietary blend of fine marble powder and plastic, this premium vase feels heavy and sturdy, while also having the additional benefit of being shatter and crack proof. Available in five chic colors, select one that elegantly suits your personal decor to really make your bouquets pop!

Shop the Amaranth vase collection here or, to learn more about Amaranth Vases or see possible bouquet arrangements, check out their Instagram @AmaranthVase!