Throw in the Towel & Break Out the Pupper!

I was using way too many paper towels and feeling guilty about it after learning that Americans use approximately 13 billion pounds of paper towels per year.

Just in time for the holidays, I discovered the cutest and handiest paper towel substitute around. Puppington’s eco-friendly Swedish dishcloths have quickly become my favorite money-saving, planet-friendly discovery of 2023. If you are addicted to using endless rolls of paper towels, as I was, the strength and durability of Puppington’s Holiday Dishcloths Set will help you kick the paper towel habit for good.

Although I haven’t officially counted how many times I wash and reuse each PupperTowels™ dishcloth to wipe down surface areas in the kitchen or to mop up spills and messes, Puppington claims that every Pupper dishcloth can be washed and reused 200 times. They definitely last a lot longer than a paper towel and I only need one Pupper dishcloth to mop something up, versus using several paper towels. Pupper cloths are small enough to tuck into a handbag or dog walking bag and come in handy when a dog’s muddy paws require a thorough wiping.

In addition to cleaning up really good, Puppington’s 12 Holiday Dishcloths Gift Set makes a great gift for people who adore dogs because every dishcloth is designed with seasonal, holiday, or birthday artwork featuring dogs.

To take a peek at Puppington’s 100% compostable dishcloths, visit here.

Rachelle Nones


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