Tired Of Your Own Cooking Yet? Beat Dinner Boredom With This Simple Trick

I love to cook, but come on. It’s been more than eight weeks of restaurant closures and I’m too germaphobic to order takeout during the pandemic. I’ve been relying on my own ingenuity for the dinner table, and lately, that’s in as short supply as COVID testing kits.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned is integral to a delicious meal, it’s proper seasoning (thanks for existing, Food Network!) If you’re an amateur cook like me, I’ll break it down even further—all that means is nailing your salt and pepper. And you can make almost any dish more elevated and exotic by using an infused salt to do it.

Enter the Luxe Infused Salt set from Spiceology—a giftable pack of six salts primed to kick up the flavor in whatever you have stocked in the fridge. Having these salts on hand has put a much-needed spin on some of my regular dishes—plain grilled chicken got a Napa Valley-inspired flavor boost from the Smoked Chardonnay Salt, and I made a steak and pearled couscous dinner and seasoned both with the Black Truffle Salts for that irresistible, earthy punch. You don’t even need to be that creative to use these salts—each jar (designed in a super-cool periodic table of the elements style, no less) is printed with basic and unexpected suggestions right on the side—try that same Black Truffle Salt on popcorn or the Espresso Salt on a roast. I’m sprinkling the Sriracha and Lime Salts on my avocado toast and planning on weekend margaritas rimmed with the Jalapeño infusion. Yum. Just yum.

Luxe Infused Salt Variety Pack, six 1.3 oz jars in a giftable box, $36

Make your next dinner a little less boring and score your own set at www.spiceology.com