Top 10 Best Gifts According to Men’s Personality Traits

Smooth Operator

Keep him fresh, clean and scrubbed with a Franklin & Whitman Gift Set. This is the perfect gift for the well-groomed man who likes to take care of his appearance with a little bit of pampering. Christopher Cieri created this product line and we chose it this season for the company’s Daily Shampoo & Conditioner made with rosemary, mint and orange. The Beard Serum is also notable for Santa, to help keep his beard healthy and manageable with a blend of essential oils. Ho yea!

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 Zen Men

Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat & Health Spa is offering virtual escapes to the lush and majestic land in British Columbia, Canada. Now is his chance to experience the award-winning hiking-based retreat that includes health and fitness to both body and spirit. Guests are guided through yoga, exercise classes, and fitness sessions that include stress-reducing tactics and healthy meal preparations. The company plans to re-open its doors for in-person guests in April of 2021 — reservations can be made for all programs.

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Space Cowboy

He is out of this world! He is adventurous and somewhat off his rocker (some say), perhaps a ticket to outer space is right up his aurora borealis. Virgin Galactic is taking reservations for humans to travel beyond the speed of light.

“We are at the vanguard of a new industry determined to pioneer twenty-first-century spacecraft, which will open space to everybody – and change the world for good.” — Sir Richard Branson (Founder of Virgin Galactic).

Take the first step by gifting a fully refundable registration fee and join the Spacefarer community when new seats become available. What more can we say to this aside from imagining your man’s face when he receives this invitation.

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The Green Thumb

If your guy likes to get his hands down in the dirt and appreciates all the wonder he can sow, Home Grown Garden is the perfect gift for the man with the green thumb on your list. We recommend their Deluxe Bonsai Tree Kit that comes with four different seeds that turn into magnificent saplings: Sacred Fig, Japanese Privet, Rickspray Cotoneaster and the Acer Palmatum. Known for their beauty, the only thing you cannot admire about a Bonsai tree is to climb up them.

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Home Worker?

If the dude on your list is working from home, or perhaps a gamer pretending to work remotely, the X-HMT Heat and Massage Chair will have him on his feet as he jumps for joy over the multi-functions of this gift. This is not your regular, run-of-the-mill office chair. It’s the Game Of Thrones pinnacle to put his derrière. This chair not only provides ergonomic support but also provides heat and massage to increase blood flow, speedier muscle recovery and helps reduce stress. He’ll love it so much; he may even pull it up to the dining table.

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Chef Cooksalot

Does he heat up the kitchen as well as other rooms in the home? Is his imitation of Gordon Ramsey spot on but also annoying (grating)? Well, this holiday here is the gift that will keep him speechless. Well less talkative while he is stirring, flipping and sautéing the perfect dinner for you. The Hexclad 13 Piece Cookware Set is a showstopper for every wannabe celebrity chef. It’s the true hybrid of stainless steel and non-stick pots, skillets and pans.

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Does the dashing man on your list think he’s Bond? James Bond? If espionage is his favorite pastime, perhaps the Nooie Wireless Video Doorbell is the best tech gadget for the home, rental property, or even a mobile home or yacht. This handy camera lets you know who is coming on your property both friend and stranger. I tried the Nooie Doorbell on my apartment door and became an instant fan because sometimes delivery people slip by my doorman. I think your gent will also like this gift so much that he may even put on a tuxedo to answer the door.

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I was a lifeguard and swim instructor back in the day. When it comes to bathing suits, I know what I’m talking about and have gone through enough Speedos and trunks to fill an Olympic swimming pool. If the man on your list has hidden gills behind his ears and worships the sun, surf, sand and saltwater, Marwida makes the best swim trunks from sea to shining sea. I mean this in the most literal sense. The swimwear is made from recycled plastics salvaged from our planet’s largest bodies of water. This gift is not only stylin’ but also a conscientious choice to help keep our oceans clean.

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The A-Personality

He will love this fantastic present that will not only make your guy look great on the greens or on the court, but will also protect his dome. It’s no secret that Carkella makes some of the finest hats in the business, especially for guys who golf, play tennis, sail, and bask in the sunshine regardless of the weather. There are plenty of styles to choose from but this month we’ve selected their Parker. This hat is one of the best sellers due to its signature ultra-lightweight fabric.

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The Man Who Has Everything

We all know a guy who has all the toys, big and small. What could you possibly get him this year? We have the answer. This gift is easy, simple to achieve and settles all arguments about financial factors. A donation to his favorite charity.

What could possibly be a better gift on his behalf to help humankind and animals alike? We guarantee that he will not only appreciate the gesture but might even double the offer from the kindness of his heart and bank account.

Here are a few suggestions:

We trust Danny Thomas: St. Jude

The World is Watching: UNiCEF

Our Pets: ASPCA

We wish all of our subscribers and Metro Man readers a very happy and healthy holiday season.

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