Top 5 Health & Hygiene Products This Month

Cramped quarters? Demanding family members? Working from home lost its appeal? Men are barraged with a lot of stress coming at them in a multitude of directions. This month we put together a list of products to help men maintain their health and hygiene. The following are the products that made the cut as we head back to basics.

For guys who prefer shower gel over bar soap, this month we put Dial For Men on the shopping list. Dial’s Moisture Magnet has a fresh, clean scent and moisturizing ingredients to keep men’s skin looking healthy and nourished. We gave it a few extra points for the large finger grips on the side of the bottle. Tried. Tested. True to its claims.

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Cymbiotika has created an oil supplement called The Omega. This product is made with organic lemon, DHA, EPA, and other ingredients under the organic, keto, and vegan label. Just a few pumps each day for adults will help hydrate the skin, improve cognitive function as well as help support vision and heart health. This product also claims to support a healthy pregnancy which we found odd as this column only tries and tests products specifically for males. We also think that if men were the ones to go into labour, the world would be a much different place.

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For men of color, Ceylon by Anim Labs offers a line of skincare products to help guys achieve nourished, healthy and clear skin. This month we tested several of the products with a focus on their Hydrating Toner made with active ingredients such as glycerin, witch hazel, etc., as well as several additional scents. This product won kudos and points for balancing the complexion after only a few applications and the scent with a hint of lavender remains masculine.

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Eu Natural makes dietary supplements for men – we’ve recently discovered this brand online. For gents this month we tried and tested their Vitality, Elite while focused on their Serenity so men can get a good night’s rest. Sleep is no brainer for everyone to keep healthy and productive. This stress reliever and natural sleep aid are made with vitamin B, zinc, magnesium and several fruit and flower based extracts. There are no binders, fillers or artificial ingredients. The supplements are also gluten, wheat and dairy free. We tried it and it works.

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With zero, calories, carbs and sugars, this month Ultima Replenisher made the grade. These ultimate hydration packets come in many flavors like grape, lemonade, orange and blue raspberry just to name a few. We selected their convenient and individually portioned pouches that you simply add to a 16 oz bottle of water. The benefits of this flavoring include 6 electrolytes and supportive minerals.

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