Travel Best Bet: The One World Adapter

The One Adaptr / One World 65W Adapter is a genius invention that renders global travel much easier. It works in more than 200 countries and powers up to 6 devices simultaneously, so if you’re a world traveler, then pack it with your passport. It works in Australia, China, Europe, the US, the U.K., Singapore, New Zealand and may other countries, and it stretches beyond required protection to ensure safety, is USB C Powered and Notebook compatible.

Other pertinent features:
1 x 65W USB PD charging port with QC
2 x USB C Smart charging port
2 x USB A Smart charging port
Over current, over temperature and fuse protection.
7A AC universal power outlet
GaN (Gallium Nitride) Technology

This is a great birthday, bon voyage, or anniversary gift for anyone heading overseas.
Find it here and make traveling smoother and more hassle-free. .