Twilla: A Side Sleeper’s Dream

Finding the perfect pillow can make you feel like Goldilocks in “The Three Little Bears.” Every option is too hard, too soft, too flat, or too fluffy. It’s challenging to find that “just right” spot to lull you into the sweet surrender of slumber.

Twilla’s Adjustable BODY Pillow is a solution for sleepless side sleepers. The customizable pillow was designed by two brothers, Peter Rane and Mark Rane. Like many of us, Peter and Mark struggled with finding the perfect pillow for comfort and restful slumber. The “one-size-fits-all” market for pillows doesn’t account for each individual’s unique body and needs. Peter and Mark combined their curiosity with their expertise in design and created Twilla’s Adjustable BODY Pillow.   

Twilla’s magic lies in its padding. Consumers can customize the padding to their preference, so they can craft the perfect pillow for their sleep needs. The breathable outer fabric prevents sleepers from overheating. This adjustable pillow supports proper spinal alignment for a more comfortable night’s rest. More comfort equals longer, deeper sleep. Never again will you commiserate with the Princess and the Pea. You’ll be too busy dreaming about that next promotion.  

As a side sleeper with mild hip discomfort, I was eager to try Twilla’s Adjustable BODY Pillow. Traditional pillows often throw my spine out of alignment, which leads to muscle and joint pain. I’ve tried body pillows in the past, but they often left me feeling overheated and discombobulated.  

Twilla’s pods gave me the opportunity to customize my body pillow for optimal comfort. Twilla provides an ample amount of pods in each shipment, which allowed me to build my perfect pillow around my body’s needs. The plush pillow molded to my body’s shape without leaving an indentation behind. It has a luxurious feel and a pliable texture that made me feel like I was wrapped in cocoon. The lightweight pillow moved easily with me during sleep. Twilla’s Adjustable BODY Pillow was so cozy that I looked forward to sinking into it every night. 

Like a cloud or marshmallow, this pillow helped me have sweet dreams and a deliciously long sleep. Waking up to fewer aches and pains was an added bonus. For my next trick, I’m going to figure out how to take my Adjustable BODY Pillow on a plane, because I’ll never leave home without it.  

If you’re a side sleeper or looking to banish aches and pains while dreaming, Twilla’s Adjustable BODY Pillow has the WOW factor you’ve been looking for. No magic beans required. 

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