University Tech Gear for the Upcoming Year

Attention uni students, it’s that time again. A new school year so new ways to revamp your technology with Burga and Nexstand. Here’s my college-student-approved opinion on their high quality products for Fall 2023!

Long nights (and honestly, early mornings too) leave my back in pain and eyes strained, it’s not a good time. Still – work must be done (also online shopping…) so I’ve added the Nexstand K1 Carbon Fiber Laptop Stand to my tech routine. Made from carbon fiber, it comes in at a portable and lightweight 150 grams, which is perfect for traveling around libraries or working remotely. It’s as easy as opening the bottom, placing it on the table, adjusting the height, and placing my laptop onto the stand. The rubberized bottom keeps my laptop secure as I type, search, and listen to music for hours on end. The stand offers seven different heights making it easy to find the best fit for everyone’s frame. After a few weeks of testing, I noticed my neck pain reduced and I’ve been sitting straighter than ever before. Once I’m done studying I simply press the side buttons, slide it into a compact stick and put it back into the convent traveling pouch. The Nexstand K1 Carbon Fiber Laptop Stand has truly changed my studying game and is a necessity or all college students who are on their laptops 24/7. Find it here.

In the spirit of expressing my style and protecting my technology, I gather my gear from Burga. To protect my laptop, I sport the Sunset Glow Macbook Case. Adorned with a warm-toned suns pattern, it brightens up my days and nights every time I take out my laptop. It’s not only me who loves the cute pattern – many of my classmates have appraoched me to ask where I found my case.

For even more protection and security (and nature elements), I place my laptop in the Ocean Waves Blue Laptop Sleeve. It has a brilliant aqua-blue crystal pattern that is reminiscent of the summer sea, and enables me to travel with my laptop safely. This case survived 26 military-grade drops in part to the CloudShield tech and cushioning. Made with water-resistant vegan leather, it prevents any water damage while looking so darn cute. The cherry on top is the secure snap-button that prevents any unzipping while in transit. This laptop sleeve is an investment that keeps on going for the school year and beyond.

Now for those of us who prefer handwritten notes the Burga’s Notebooks are the way to go. My favorite is the Sunbeams Notebook. Made with thick high quality paper, I can write down my hopes, dreams, and ideas that will lead me through the next four years. This notebook features a magnetic clasp to keep pages organized and tidy. The size is perfect for placing in my backpack or purse, making it easy to travel with during the semester.

Lastly, because our phones are a part of our self expression, I’ve snapped on the Phone Case Elite. The sturdy quality allows all the drops without any of the cracks on my screen. I’ve been using the Wildflower iPhone XR Case Elite. The design is so cute and so me, with pastel petals and green foliage. Burga offers a large selection of styles for everyone.


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