What Do Men Need this Winter?

Clean up!

You know that I am fond of all 18.21 Man Made products. This month I chose two of their latest; 18.21 Man Made Detox Bar – a deep cleansing, moisturizing bar soap and Grit Bar – an exfoliating, moisturizing bar soap. The Grit Bar comes in their popular absolute mahogany scent and the Detox Bar has the alluring sweet tobacco scent. Both moisturize the epidermis. The packaging could be rethought with a plastic casing to protect the bar.

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Rockin’ Casual

I chose Tom Cridland this season for their sporty casual/loungewear. These durable garments are made out of organic and recycled fabrics, backed with a guarantee of free repair or replacement. I suggest this Chile Red 30 Year Sweatshirt. You should also check out the line of pants. Casual, comfortable and simplistic style makes for the perfect trifecta in a winter wardrobe. Shop while you listen to his tunes. Rock on!

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Hitting the Slopes?

Tenson opened its doors in 1951 in Varberg, Sweden. When it comes to outer garments, this company knows what they are doing. This winter I selected their Aerismo jacket sold at Tenson USA. It’s perfect for outdoor sports enthusiasts, however, it also keeps weekend warriors warm whether you are on the slopes, cross country gliding, building an igloo or simply imbibing at the ski lodge.

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As Warm and Orange as The Winter Sun

I receive a lot of menswear and grooming products across my desk throughout the editorial calendar year. The products that I review are tried, researched and tested, and above all are worthy of the readers of the Metro Man column. When I receive an item that doesn’t fit the standards, claims and quality being solicited, I simply return the item/product to the company and scratch it from my list. Now, listen up! This is not the case with Heat Holders. I suffer from Reynaud’s Syndrome and even the hottest day in July can sometimes feel like I’m on an iceberg in the Antarctic. It’s probably the most annoying syndrome in the medical journals and the furthest from being contagious or fatal. This is part of the reason why I am boasting about this company’s hats, neck warmers, gloves, socks, etc. When the temperatures drop, every guy will be thankful to have this entire collection of thermal wear. They offer several colors, however, orange is the new black and winter white.

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I recently discovered Super-C Biotic by Boku (BöKU). This tasty beverage is loaded with good stuff like Acerola Cherry and Incan Berry which are extraordinarily high in Vitamin C.  This supplement also provides a superfood of harmonious PRE-Biotics.  The package states a healthy dose of Bacillus Coagulans, the real deal probiotic for a balancing, gut-loving boost. All I know is that it tastes good and keeps us healthy. Research tells me it’s better than sugary powder drinks and it’s certified organic. Any precautions to stay healthy this winter is a winner with me.

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