What’s in his Bath this Month?

Just because men can be tough and like to rumble on occasion with each other, doesn’t mean we don’t need to take care of our skin, hair, teeth, and wellbeing… There is nothing sissified about grooming even when we have difficulty pronouncing the names of products. Following are this month’s choices and websites to place an order regardless of the name.

 Monat for Men offers a conditioning Essential Shaving Cream for a smoother glide and shave. Most men prefer a wet shave when not sporting facial hair.  I tested this product and was very pleased with the results. I also recommend their Molding Shine Pomade and Matte Styling Clay for different hairstyles that depend on your occasion like a wedding, office meeting or even date night.


Most men, including myself, don’t want to look young. We want to look presentable. That being said, everyone once in a while a little oil can’t hurt. I tried Pïli Ani’s Self-care Night Recover Oil and it showed improvement in my skin within 24 hours. Made in the Philippines, this product boosts your skin’s hydration to prevent the moisture loss that typically happens overnight. It gets two thumbs up even though it’s hard to pronounce in English.


Feeling a little flaky? Is the snow falling on your shoulders? No worries. I discovered Halo Mane and their Fenugreek Oil. My scalp changes like many with the change of seasons. Made with avocado oil, almond oil Fenugreek seeds, and the active ingredient lemongrass to help rid dandruff, this product will help.


If your skin is ruddy or blotchy, there is a serum made with fruit acid to gently exfoliate the outermost layer of the epidermis. Auraïha has on the market a brightening serum and hydrating elixir made with papaya. It does help to hydrate the skin and clear up the complexion after just a few applications.


A Zen environment is necessary for every bathroom. Men will appreciate and enjoy the calming effects of the aroma from Les Deux No. 3. This month, I chose their candle made with sandalwood, patchouli, musk, and eucalyptus — the scent is fresh, clean, and masculine. It’s the perfect addition to any bath and a surprise gift for gents.