Wine Accessories – Always an Appreciated Gift

What’s better than savoring a glass of wine today? Having another one tomorrow and another one the day after from the same bottle knowing it’s still fresh and drinkable. The Savino Wine Saving Carafe will keep your wine fresh for up to a week with their patented locking lid technology. Simply pour your wine into the carafe, insert the float, which creates a physical barrier between wine and oxygen, and place the top on. So simple. The Savino Wine Saving Carafe holds a full bottle of wine and is only 10.5” tall, so it’ll fit in most refrigerators. The glass version ($50) is elegant enough for a dinner party, and the sturdy plastic version ($30) is great for the backyard, rooftops, picnics and wherever glass would be a potential problem. It’s a perfect gift for anyone, and you’ll want one for yourself too!

Available: Savino Wine Saver

When fashion and practically collide you get the best of both worlds and this PortoVino Wine Purse is a perfect example. On its own, the bold blue and white stripes with rope handles make it a perfect summer tote. But it doesn’t quit there, inside is an insulated compartment to discreetly hold your wine – two bottles to be exact. PortoVino Wine Purses are available in a variety of materials and fabric prints. They all contain a patented bpa-free insulated beverage pouch that stays chilled for hours, and your beverage is easily accessed by a spill-proof outside snap. It’s a perfect gift for wine lovers, or for those that prefer to sip juices or homemade mocktails. Even when filled, it’s still roomy enough for snacks and necessities. Striped tote $45.

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