Women We Laud: A Q & A with Glasshouse Fragrances Founder Nicole Eckels

Glasshouse Fragrances have an astoundingly fantastic array of Triple Scented Candles, Fragrance Diffusers, and Scent Stems™ to ignite your senses and evoke a place or experience. For example, Forever Florence (Wild Peonies & Lily), The Hamptons (Teak & Petigrain), Kyoto in Bloom (Camelia & Lotus), A Tango in Barcelona (Tuberose & Plum) and more. We love the Tales of Coney Island candle, available exclusively online, which evokes twirling caramelised sugar melding with fig and vanilla blossom – a hint of nostalgia to set the NYC scene and bustling boardwalk.

Here is some insight from Nicole Eckels, the founder of this exquisite brand:

1) What prompted you to create your Glasshouse Fragrances?

I had just moved to Sydney, Australia, with my son and was looking to recreate a little bit of home by replacing one of my favorite candles. I went to a department store called David Jones to find a candle and realised they only offered a really high end or really budget candle. There was nothing in-between. And that’s when I realised there was an opportunity for a luxury candle without the luxury price tag. I went home immediately and started experimenting in my kitchen with fragrance and waxes.

2) What are some of your inspirations in terms of people, places, things?

Everything inspires me. I was recently asked if the impact of the Covid travel restrictions had dulled my creativity as so many of our fragrances are inspired by locations. And actually, it’s the opposite. I walk to the grocer and the fragrance of fresh oranges reminds me of Italy, the scent of French bakeries take me back to Paris, while walking down the street with the smell of summer in the air transports me to some of the most incredible gardens in Tokyo. There is inspiration everywhere, we just need to be open to it.

3) How do you see your brand evolving, and how did the pandemic affect it?

The brand has evolved into a true fragrance house, with the launch of our Eau De Parfum. It’s been a dream of mine since the moment I launched GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES to have a selection of personal fragrances and now that dream is a reality. We all know the power of fragrance, however I think the pandemic has heightened this awareness. Creating beautiful moments within your home became a coping mechanism for a lot of people around the world, and we absolutely saw the impact of the at GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES with people ensuring they never ran out of their favourite home fragrance and in some instances having specific candles for while they worked, versus after business hours and on weekends. We haven’t seen that behaviour change.

4) What is your background?

I started my career in beauty working for Chanel. Over the years I moved from beauty to corporate sales, but my passion was always beauty. I love to be creative and experiment. In hindsight, creating my own fragrance company was inevitable, as it combines my passion and creativity with the skills I learnt in sales.

5) You grew up in NYC. Has it changed since you lived here?

Everything has changed… and yet nothing has changed. I left NYC in 2006 with my young son, and have recently returned for an extended stay with a 28-year-old son. So while NYC has changed, of course it has, so have the eyes in which I’m seeing it. New York has always been progressive and loves to challenge the norm, and that sentiment hasn’t changed at all and that is why I am so in love with it.