Your Summer Party & Outdoor Essentials

Summertime means lots of alfresco fun, which always includes beverages. Keep your quenchers fresh for hours with MyBevi. This outstanding product is produced with patented insulation technology that guarantees their bottles will keep drinks cold or hot for 24+ hours – not to mention that they will sustain all weather conditions and activities. Made with BPA-free materials, MyBevi is eco-friendly because you are not using extra paper and plastic cups. Its removable lid slider makes for easy cleaning, too. With 30+ different stainless steel tumblers in a variety of colors, there is something for everyone. Use code SAVE20 for 20% off your order of $60 or more (excluding custom and bundles). Get ready to drink up and stay hydrated! Head to

Protalus T-100 Elite
Taking care of your feet is extremely important because poor foot health can inhibit your everyday performance. To remedy this, you need a foot upgrade with Protalus – especially if you plan on doing any heart-pumping activities. Based on more than 50 years of medical research, the unique design of Protalus insoles produces the best solution for pain relief and ultimate comfort. Assembled with Protalus’s patented rebound foam, and patented alignment technology, the T-100 Elite will make you feel like you are walking on air. I was amazed at the difference these insoles made. I put these bad boys in my running shoes, and because they permitted my body to distribute pressure properly, I was able to run faster and with much more ease. I tell you, they really do work. With a 90-day product guarantee there is no reason not to try Protalus HERE.

YES Cacao
Your new go-to summer treat that should be on your radar is YES Cacao. Founder Justin Frank Polgar spent over a decade studying chocolate as a form of holistic medicine and has used his research to infuse raw, wild-harvested cacao that is beneficial for you. Not all chocolate is created equal and YES Cacao delivers functional amounts of ingredients that can aid with physical strength, cognitive function, relaxing the nervous system, and more. Available in three function-specific formulas: Brain Power Bar, Endurance Bar, and Bliss Out Bar. All bars are organic, vegan, and produced with adaptogens, super herbs, and botanicals. All three Yes Cacao products are so unbelievably appetizing you won’t believe they are nutritious. Eating an entire bar in one sitting is super easy to do. However, with Yes Cacao you can truly eat chocolate guilt-free and still feel fabulous. Sign up for the newsletter and receive 20% off and free shipping over $50. Make someone happy, including yourself. Visit

The Big Dill Vintage Tee
It’s time to party like it’s a Big Dill! Whether you are venturing off to a concert, the beach, or chilling at a BBQ, The Big Dill Vintage Tee is the next big fashion hit to make a statement. This ultra-comfy vintage cuff T-shirt displays an iconic pickle parody logo that regardless of age, most people will know. Made in the USA, this garment is so cute and versatile that you really can wear it anywhere. If you are feeling really adventurous, wear your new attire to the world’s largest pickle party, which is set to take place this September 23-24 in Baltimore, Maryland. For your awesome pickle apparel and to learn more, visit

Tannenbaum Hot Sauce 
Take your summer meals to a whole other spicy level with Tannenbaum Hot Sauce. These delectable sauces come at an affordable price with an extraordinary taste. Hand-crafted and made with all-natural ingredients, each individual sauce is so distinctive you will be coming back for more. These exclusive sauces are a must-have if you are hosting a party and want to add that something “extra” that your guests will remember your soiree by. 

Choose from these tasty five botanical sauces:
Red Pepper, Lemon Peel & Smoked Paprika
Pineapple, Rosemary & Turmeric
Blueberry, Sumac & Cinnamon
Strawberry, Mint & Basil
Cranberry, Orange Peel & All Spice

With free shipping on orders over $40 see what Tannenbaum has to offer at