5 Essential Gifts for Grads

Those who are graduating from high school and/or university need to prepare for the next steps in education and career. Here are a few suggestions for young men to keep clean, well-groomed and handsome.

#5: Mom Bomb

“Take a bath!” How many times have young men heard that demand aside from ‘hit the showers’ with another exclamation point? Mom Bomb makes a multitude of bath bombs for guys to dive into the tub according to their personality. Our favorite scent is The Manly Man with its exploding fresh mint scent.

Mom Bomb

#4: Mad Beauty DC Face Mask Collection

Fight grime like a superhero. These facial masks have different properties to cleanse, moisturize and refresh tired skin. Made by Mad Beauty, the collection includes various superhero treatments with Batman & Robin, Superman and more. Our favorite to test was the Batman mask made with black tea. The process is simple, you apply the mask to a clean face, adjust it to facial features, read a book for 10 to 12 minutes, remove it and rinse off any residue. Now you are almost ready to conquer the world. This product gets an extra POW for the comic strip packaging.

Mad Beauty

#3: Planet Kind by Gillette

For guys who only wet shave, we recommend Planet Kind by Gillette. This razor comes with a 5-blade head and the handle is made from recycled plastic bottles. It is not only kind to men’s skin but also the planet. We tested the razor on several male models and the outcome was a unanimous thumb’s up for effective shaving, easy grip handle and the fact that it comes with replaceable cartridges.


#2: Headzone Lighting GO

This gadget is a must-have for shaving and grooming. The small mirror with lighting is powered up by any USB Port. Made by Headzone GO we tested this gadget while camping in the mountains and lost in a dimly lit bathroom. Its slim design is about the size of a wallet and performs perfectly as a flashlight. This is the perfect gift for guys who spend most of their time in the great outdoors.

Head Zone

#1: New Breath

There is not one person we know who isn’t tired of wearing a face-covering due to the @#$%$! Virus. We discovered a smart design company that has designed a very smart garment that is not only cleaver in design but also functional especially for athletes like cyclists, surfers, runners, etc. The New Breath jerseys, shirts and hoodies are colorful, functional and made with high-quality fabrics in the U.S.

At first we thought this garment was a little bit ridiculous but after a test run and asking athletes if this was a good idea, their response changed our opinion. The best part of these tops is that you can throw out all of those annoying PPE masks and makeshift face coverings.

New Breath Clothing

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