6 Stereotypical Gift Ideas for Men or Lovers of the Masculine Ensemble

Thee holidays are coming around again and once again we must find interesting, meaningful, usable gifts for the masculine presences in our lives. Which means defaulting to whatever we think masculine means and buying the same ol’ thing that people purse their lips at and politely accept. Here we’ll help you with the generic categories and tips to change it up while the season churn away the last bits of our sanity to the chaos of winter festivities.

1) Skincare

Marlowe Best Seller's Kit
Marlowe Best Seller's Kit

The masculine figure does not have to mean a dirty one. Sets and bundles do us right most of the time. They give our giftee a chance to try multiple items and figure out for themselves what they enjoy the most. A good way to start is with items that everyone uses in their daily skin routine – facial wash, moisturizer, and body cleanser of some sort.

Marlowe does a great job of this by providing a no nonsense straightforward approach to skincare in their BestSeller’s Kit. The kit contains a facial cleanser with soothing green tea extract, a facial moisturizer with deep sea algae extract, and a body scrub soap bar. The facial cleanser is very lightly scented as is the moisturizer. The moisturizer is super lightweight, so no greasy feeling and you still get that slight manly musky sandalwood scent.

2) Fragrance

Amouage Library Collection
Amouage Library Collection

The next very common gift item are fragrances. For men these are labeled eau de cologne, a term referring to fragrances generally used for masculine scents. You can go for the obvious picks like Dior Sauvage, Versace Eros, Tom Ford, or Acqua di Gio.

Another option is to go with an indie brand that will make you stand out. Amouage is a luxury independent fragrance brand that does this brilliantly especially with their incredibly unique unisex Library Collection. You don’t have to smell like every other guy in the club. It’s okay.

3) Candles

Artistscent City Scape Ronnie Queenan
City Scape Candle designed by Ronnie Queenan with Artistscent

Yup. The gift that keeps on giving. But in reality, candles make amazing gifts. They provide a comforting glow, a wonderful scent and can add to the decor of a place. Candles are utilitarian in a way and are immediately usable as well as self-indulgent. Who doesn’t want a great smelling place?

You can opt for an obviously masculine scent such as Vita Mia’s ManCave that holds deep musky scents such as sandalwood and oakmoss. Because we must smell like men from things that say “man” in it in order to be manly.

Another option is Artistscent candles. The candles feature artwork from artist collaborations. They add a lot to the room and can upgrade a space with the addition of a fine art piece.

4) Spirits / Wine / Beer

Barrel Vantage
Barrel Vantage Whiskey

Going on with our recommendations of items that are immediately usable, a time old favorite ( probably since the beginning of time really ) is our dear friend alcohol. A good bottle of something brings in great cheer and allows the giftee something they may not give to themselves. Alcohol also has the benefit of being something consumable so it can actually be used no matter what unless the giftee hates it, which in that case try to aim for their preferences. Don’t give someone who hates peaty whiskey a scotch. Don’t give a tequila drinker rum. And so on and so forth. If you are getting scotch, aim for above 10 years. Also, don’t be afraid to get someone something colorful like purple gin because life is short. For something different try Barrel Vantage, a bourbon that actually impressed a scotch lover (me) with its elegant sophisticated barrel blends.

I think it should be a no-brainer but if your giftee is sober or is planning to do Dry January, please do not gift them this and instead opt for non-alcoholic cocktails, teas, coffee or other imbibe vibes.

5) Watches

Iridescent Prismatica Armitron Watch
Prismatica Armitron Watch in Iridiscent

Moving away from consumables, we now enter metal objects that people associate with masculinity. Watches are classy, utilitarian items that people can own several of and not feel the burden of their belongings weighing them down. If you want to switch up the typical look, try Armitron Watches. They have iridescent components so you can feel like you have a personality while working your corporate 9-5 job. Whatever works as you go about your shopping frenzy.

But no joke, their watches are absolutely gorgeous, making you want to move your wrist in the sun and take pictures all day instead of comprehending time itself.

6) Socks/Ties

Men's Socks

Yes, someone somewhere is giving socks as a gift. It’s going to happen. And while as kids we seem to detest this gift, as adults you can’t help but shrug as it is a useful item and you could always use another one. Opt for something classically manly like argyle print to keep it lowkey or something more fun like characters from their favorite show or funky designs. If they are hikers or want socks that sort-of last forever, go for Darn Tough socks. A favorite on the Buy It For Life reddit, they make utilitarians everywhere smile at that lifetime warranty.

For an alternative to the typical sock gifts there are the typical ties. With so many different styles you can opt for higher end fabric or vibrant colors to spice up a wardrobe. Choose cotton or linen for warmer weather or wool for the winter. Silk is the best overall choice for its draping effect and durability.

7) Bonus: Legos

For some reason I have run into this secret desire of many no matter what the age. So I’ve decided to include it here. The secret is out, and it is fun and has a store in the Rockefeller Center.

It is always a struggle to figure out gifts and while these stereotypes do exist, there are so many ways to twist the original with a new touch. That turns the struggle into something special. In the end, gift something with intention, add a special note card, and deliver it with kindness. Happy holiday shopping.

Sophia Calderone

Sophia is a native Brooklynite with a deep love for food, drink and solo-travel. Previously a techie in the agency world, she has now swan-dived into more creative endeavors. She has a strong taste for whiskey with a growing spreadsheet of past affairs and can be seen eating anything from dollar pizza to Michelin star restaurants meals. Sophia is also a cat-lover holding a TNR certification and can be found taking care of community cats or professionally pet-sitting someone’s fur baby.