Ballsy’s Goodhead Shampoo for Men’s Summer Hair Challenges

Goodhead Shampoo is your mane’s best friend this summer. Whether it is dry or oily, too thick, too sparse, thinning or unruly, the formula is perfect to feed your strands all they crave to grow stronger, more luscious and softer while exuding a soothing masculine scent. It includes blue-green algae extract to promote volume, quinoa protein to moisturize its roots and ends, green tea to repair from damage, and tea tree to cleanse and soothe the scalp as well as activated charcoal to detoxify it.

If you have not heard of Ballsy, then take this time to treat your hair when heat, sea water, and humidity create a harsh challenge for any dude’s mane. All Ballsy personal care products are sulfate free, cruelty free and proudly produced in the USA Find more information at