Barber Pisterzi: Treat Him To The Look

Everyone who visits New York City knows that the area called SoHo is, at its soul and creation, a desired neighborhood and shopping mecca to explore and find the latest fashion, international culinary flavors, fledgling design studios and quality goods and services. It’s also home to Pisterzi. While you browse the windows and pace the macadam or cobblestone streets, why not treat him to a hair consultation and haircut at this gentlemen’s atelier. Following is my latest experience to help lead the way.

Allow me to start with beard and facial hair as well as the Pisterzi Daily Cleanser and Sculpting Shaving. I’ve reviewed this product in the past and it’s still on the top of my list even though I no longer wear a full beard and mustache but sport a small patch of stubble on my chin. This product not only helps to shave and sculpt all beard, stache and stubble trends, but also wins big scores for the fresh scent that makes the shaving process at home more enjoyable.

Men should not be intimidated to confront their issues such as thinning hair and skin afflictions. I suffer from Psoriasis that enflames primarily during the change of seasons — this is accompanied by red irritation to the scalp and flakiness. Some men deal with eczema. The point of discussing this is that my barber at Pisterzi, Dzenis, politely informed me that almost every man in New York City has some hair and skin issues perhaps related to our water system. Regardless of the annoying affliction, he meticulously will address the situation with a proper haircut to fit each individual. I told him that my style needs to be easily managed with some versatility from casual to formal occasions. He listened to my needs and achieved all of my goals — the cut perfectly masks the ruddiness and blotchiness on my temples and the back of my neck.

To further address my hair and scalp issues, particularly with winter dryness, Dzenis recommended the Pisterzi Shampoo and Conditioner combo. This tiny tube worked wonders after one week of applying just a tiny amount — my hair is shinier, easy to manage and I’ve noticed less irritation on my scalp. This is a great recommendation that I share.

He will be in good hands with Dzenis and Viola. They will help with the appointment and make him feel at home and comfortable from start to finish. Their skills, expertise and professionalism made my experience not only enjoyable but also comforting while addressing my skin and hair problems.

With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away and social events for spring popping up on the horizon, I strongly recommend you treat your guy with an appointment at Pisterzi — it’s just a step up to the plate and chair for guys of every age. Once again, you can shop at the local boutiques or check out one of the many galleries before joining him for a nice lunch on West Broadway, Prince or Spring Streets. Every guy deserves to be a little pampered and given a professional hair consultation, cut, trim and their look.

Barber Pisterzi

Photo Credits: P. K. Greenfield