Cologne and Curls Make a Return

These products made by Act+Acre are designed to enhance curly hair. The first product that I recommend is their Cold Processed Curl Cleanse, containing raspberry seed and carrot oil. The ingredients are supposed to smooth texture, lock in moisture, and add shine. I tested, and they succeeded.

Who doesn’t want to playfully pull a guy by his hair sometimes? The Act+Acre Cold Processed Soft Curl is a cream and easy to use. It’s made with chia seed and linseed oil. After applying to damp hair, your man mane will look awesome and professionally done. The outcome is flaxen.

Made with watermelon extract and aloe vera, their spray formula is applied to damp or dry hair. It helps restore the shape of waves and curls plus adds additional sheen to the hair. It works.

Curls are definitely making a comeback, and not only on the heads of surfers and beach lovers.


If you haven’t noticed lately that more men are applying cologne before leaving home, perhaps your nose has. The cologne business has gone through many cycles over the decades, but the difference now is that dudes understand that just one pump of the spray is enough.

This Spring I recommend Pegasus Exclusif — made by Parfums de Marly Paris. It is a masculine scent with notes of pepper, cinnamon, tobacco leaf and musk. For me, it evokes some great historical men; after all, the company has been creating scents that date back to King Louis XV.

Parfums de Marly

Savauge by Dior is a scent that conjures up hiking in the mountains, camping along a river, and simply talking in the beauty of the great outdoors. Its blend of citrus, tonka bean, and sandalwood make the scent masculine, earthy and alluring. I suggest this brand for guys who want to smell great and maintain their budget.

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