Fashionably Impressive For Fall

In Urdu the word ‘Rastah’ means path or journey. I have been following the journey of this clothing line for several years and their creations keep getting more inspired, vibrant, and in the style of the times.

The Core Collection X is relaxed loungewear, including sweatshirts, jackets and hoodies. Their latest collection, Volume X, is spicier in design with colorful long coats, roomy trousers and oversized bomber jackets. This collection really captures the essence of Pakistan with a touch of American flair.


Taft just released this month a new collection called Taft 365. It’s a hot new line of shoes, boots, sneaker and loafers. My prediction is that we will be seeing more of these on the streets of New York, on the school campus, in the conference rooms, and at the clubs. This company always hits the mark with regards to style, colors and comfort. Check out the entire new 365 best sellers at the link below.


Jovani hit the runway this month with a powerful collection that will be seen at formal events, fundraising galas, the opera house, and most certainly where the word luxury comes into play. Lead designer, Luia DuRoucher, created their SS24 collection. It was all the talk during Fashion Week New York. My prescient guess is this glamorous eveningwear will be in popular demand and possibly the envy of those without.


Continue on your ‘rastah’.

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