Father’s Day Devotion: Gifts for THE Man

It’s time to celebrate dads! Fathers wield heady, core-level influence in our lives, so show some extra-summery gratitude for the guy who raised and cared for you, gave you some of his genes, likely taught you how to drive a car and ride a bike, and probably checked the oil in your car. There’s no surefire way to repay his million small acts of devoted service and love over the years, but here are a few suggestions for gifts:

Here are shoes that will never fail to please when Father’s Day rolls around, as well as an Heirloom Memory Book that he’ll cherish forever, and superb SIA whiskey:

Eco-friendly, Comfortable, Versatile + Stylish
The Twisted X Men’s Zero-X™ collection is an eco-forward footwear line crafted with comfort in every step, which dad surely needs. Zero-X™ focuses on utilizing a no glue construction method. These are handcrafted with an upper combination of fabric and leatherTWX™, air-mesh lining for more breathability, and with a BioBlend™ comfy internal midsole, this shoe represents a reduction in the waste associated with creating traditional footwear. It features anindependent interlocking stitching system and molded low-to-the-ground outsoles created with rice husk agricultural by-products, so it’s comfort that dad can feel good about! Plus they look sharp for summer. Find them here.

Naot for Men – Quality + Cushioning
Naot shoes are built thoughtfully with high-quality materials to last, so if your father walks a lot and cares about comfort, the Naot Men’s Galaxy Sneaker will definitely please him. This shoe has a stretchy knit-like feel to ensure that it conforms to his foot and feels great, and comes in a choice of colors. The grey pairs well with everything, especially vibrant summer hues, and is subtle enough to pass for business needs. It’s a definitely a shoe for running after planes, walking, and looking fantastic. Find it and many other excellent shoe options for dad here.

Work It, Dad
Dads are all about work boots, and these waterproof Twisted X Wedge Sole Boots offer a fresh take on an iconic farm style. They’re ultra-comfortable for a full day’s work. Handcrafted from premium full-grain, oiled leather, they have double stitched seams and leather reinforcements that look good and provide added protection for a long-lasting investment. The brand’s CellStretch® technology utilizes cells in the forefoot and heel to provide superior cushioning and comfort all day. A non-slip rubber outsole renders these ruggedly durable. Your father will discover that just like him, these boots only get better with age. Order them here.

Heirloom Memories – Video Book
Create your own unique digital memory book for your father (or for his birthday, anniversary, etc.) with the Heirloom Memory Book. It’s a thoughtful gift idea, and it’s personalized, which makes it special. Share the best gift of all: the gift of happy memories. Dad’s life will flash before his eyes in a good way because the Heirloom video book fits up to 20 minutes of personalized video. It’s a great way to connect and let him know that you remember all of the good times you shared. Each video book features a 5” HD screen with a speaker wrapped in a hardcover book; it’s incredibly easy to put together, and even easier to use – simply open to enjoy high-quality video. Heirloom video books do not require any special tech, wifi, or internet to use, but they may require an adapter if you use a particular MacBook Air model. Each one comes with a fully rechargeable battery and is made to last. Order it here for all special occasions.

Sia Scotch Whiskey – Cheers to Fathers
Whether your father drinks his whiskey on the rocks or in an Old Fashioned, American-born SIA Whiskey practically has his name on it. Founded by a woman for women-who-whiskey, dad will love it too because of its contemporary flavor profile. Bottled at 86 proof (43% abv), SIA has a high malt-to-grain ratio, being 40% malt whisky and a solid gold coloring. The flavor notes are: butterscotch, vanilla, burnt sugar, wood, herbs, sweet ginger, smoke, light pepper, and meadow wildflowers. It’s a smooth and satisfying taste experience that should please everyone from the whiskey novice to the die-hard whiskey aficionado. Find it here.

Salute to dads who make the world go round and who show up for, and support, their families!