Father’s Day Gifts to Match Dad’s Personality

City Dad and Weekend Woodsman

If your father still has a full head of hair that he is proud of, these products from Balmain Paris will certainly be a great gift to help him maintain the mane. This assortment is for you to pick and choose and could include: Hair Detangling Brush, Hair Dry Shampoo, Hair Texturizing Salt Spray and, my favorite, Hair Sun Protection Spray. I’ve been using and writing about these products for over 5 years now and they always achieve what they claim.


Sailor and Captain of His Ship

Does your dad have a boat or desire to own one? Is he at his happiest when sailing or soaking up the sun? Get him a COR Surf straw hat to protect him from the dangerous rays and add a touch of interest to his Hawaiian shirt collection. These well-crafted hats not only help protect the face and head from too much sun, but also offer designs under the brim to help tell his story — from a stars and stripes print to tropical fruit and colorful south of the border options. These hats are awesome, rugged and their purpose makes life on the water and under the blazing sun, a little cooler. These straw hats are hand-made with impeccable precision.

Cor Surf

The Book Reader

Is your father a smooth dude with zero facial hair or stubble? Help keep him that way with this luxurious shave cream by Daimon Barber. Based in London this brand has been around for several years with a loyal following and repeat customers. This cream contains Yuzu, Kahai and Coconut oil to help the razor glide over the skin — it’ also help moisturize and hydrate. You may also want to include a new colorful razor by Harry’s.com. Read more about the shaving cream on their website.

Daimon Barber

A Sophisticated Patriarch

If your father is the sophisticated type who takes pride in his appearance and work as well as providing a stable home, he will appreciate the latest scent by INITIO Parfums called Oud For Greatness. It retails at Bergdorf Goodman and all major department stores. The main notes include: Agarwood, Bergamot, Lavender Orpur, Saffron, Fir Balsam and Musk. I give this gift extra points for the outstanding bottle design. Any sophisticated man who appreciates design and the allure, will also appreciate this generous gift.

The Romantic

My second choice is INITIO Side Effect. This scent is more for the dad who is still in love with your mom and often acts like he did when they first met. He is a true romantic and respectful of all the hard work and accomplishments he achieved — the memorable things beyond materialism. This scent if for the man who provides everything he knows to keep the family unit intact. He continues the tradition of date night and wants to look and smell good. This scent has notes including: Cinnamon Bark, Rum, Tobacco, Saffron, Sandal Wood, and Hedione. It’s also important to note that all scents are unisex these days, it just depends on what you prefer from woodsy to spices, citrus to floral — the choice is yours.

Initio Parfums

“My Dad is Chill!”

For all the dads out there who work hard but remained calm and relaxed under stressful situations, I recommend the sandals by Protalus. These men and sandals are tough and durable. They will be needed in the coming weeks with summertime outings, grilling in the backyard and possibly hitting the beach or local lakes. These sandals are top-of-the-line and made with the best materials that form to the feet — the longer he wears them, the better they fit and support his stride. Think of them as the Goodrich Tire for the human foot. It’s all about their patented insoles.


Mr. Executive

If your distinguished gentleman of a father is concerned about his graying whiskers because he is much younger than his appearance. Perhaps this product will help. Sponsored by the model Tyson Beckford and DJ Khaled, this hair dye can wind your pop’s face back in time at least 10 years to the time of hip-hop, pop, techno and salsa street parties. It’s worth a shot even though I think a few gray hairs on the face and head are symbolic of achievement and often earned with maturity.

Check it out here: Rewind It 10

The Pampered Man of Color

If your dad has style and a healthy/hygienic skin and scalp regimen, he will love the product line called TPH by Tiraji. This company addresses issues of the skin and scalp that most people of color want to discuss and their products range from scalp treatment/conditioning, skin toning and hair care. They offer Watch Me Whip — a hard working whipped body cream, Softer Than No Otha — skin body butter and the very popular Anything Glows — a luxurious and lightweight body oil. All products enhance a healthy glow and natural suppleness of the skin from head to toe. Discover and make a purchase at the link below.

Body By TPH


If your father is a sportsman and follows all of his favorite teams through every season, or just plays golf when the greens turn green, why not get him a new outfit for the major events. The clothing by GFore will score both of you high points when it comes to quality, comfort and design. This company creates comfortable and breathable shirts, slacks and shorts — their designs so creative that I am willing to be he will win the game, round robin, split just by outwitting their components.

Check out their latest creations and make a purchase here: GFORE

¡El Artista!

The WES I Red Low Top Sneaker is for the dad who has a step in his groove and perhaps a paintbrush or pen in his hand — a formidable artist who knows his style and enjoys a bit of comfort as he rocks out at a concert. These colorful sneakers take his craft and abilities to a higher level. The heels and soul give height while the vibrant hue adds a bit of inspiration to his next project. They may appear playful and juvenile, but this is part of the art and father world in a nutshell. iRi footwear is based in New York. Click the link below for their latest collection.


Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads from BNNYC Magazine!

 Photo Credits: P. K. Greenfield, Liane Metzler and Companies.