Grooming for Cupid’s Arrival

Beat the winter dryness, itch, and chaffing with these two body products by Pangea. Nothing says let’s cuddle more than soft skin to the touch. For gents with excessively dry skin, I recommend the Pangea Body Oil made with organic sunflower, jojoba, olive, coconut and sesame oils. This product leaves the skin conditioned with a healthy sheen. The Pangea Body Lotion absorbs very quickly and provides hydration. They both get extra points for the Egyptian geranium and bergamot scent.

I’ve recently tested the Pangea Super Antioxidant Glow Oil. The results were noticeable, most specifically after a brutally cold day walking in the wind tunnels and labyrinth of lower Manhattan. This oil helped remove the ruddiness of my cheeks and the six plant-based oil and antioxidants left my face looking healthy, stress-free and youthful. I recommend applying it before sleep.

It doesn’t matter if you type, talk, crunch numbers, or sling a shovel for a living, men’s hands get callous and coarse by everyday chores, and whatever. A good hand cream is a necessity in a daily grooming regimen especially during the change of seasons. I suggest you try the Pangea Hand Cream to help balance and comfort the skin. Cupid agrees.

Pangea Organics


Don’t forget the lips! After all those Adirondack activities from skiing to climbing, snowboarding, to joining a Polar club, make sure your lips are moist, healthy and not chapped. I recommend Alpine Provisions Lip Balm.

The Alpine Whitening Toothpaste Tabs are perfect for active men. I’ve been using these mint tabs for almost a year and while my smile is bright, the best part about this product is the convenience. Each jar contains 62 tablets and you only need one to brush your teeth. Keep a jar in your medicine cabinet, one in the gym bag, and an extra in your travel shaving kit. They are effective and a lot easier to use and transport than traditional gels and paste.

Alpine Provisions

Strengthen your hair for your sweetheart this holiday with UNITE, specifically designed for men’s needs — GO24*7 Mint Thickening Shampoo. I’ve tested this product and give it two thumbs up and a head banging ‘yes’ for the wonderful scent of peppermint oil that soothes the scalp and added menthol to help stimulate hair growth. You may also want to boost your locks with their Boost Plus Hair Serum. This product will add density to your man mane.


When it comes to the finest scents created in this world, in my humble opinion, next to nature are the nose experts from France. It’s true. We can all run down the list of their accomplishments when it comes to olfactory. This month I select Trudon Mortel. An alluring sensuality is at the heart of this scent concocted with frankincense, myrrh, and benzoin. Created by Yann Vasnier, the top notes include pimento and black pepper, and base notes are benzoin resin, pure cistus, and myrrh. Cupid is bound to aim, strike and then blush.


Note: Valentine’s Day 2023 is Tuesday, February 14th.