Grooming Tips for the Groom & Groomsmen

I’ve recently discovered the luxury grooming products by Pisterzi. Their Free Zone Mask and Scrub will make your face look fresh, clean and polished like a fine gem — the Italians know what they are doing when it comes to grooming and style. If you are living in or attending a wedding in New York City, I also recommend a reservation at Barber Pisterzi in SoHo. The entire groomsmen gang can be styled, trimmed, shaved and pampered in their sophisticated barbershop. This tip is not only good advice for looking handsome, but also makes an excellent gift idea for the groomsmen.

Barber Pisterzi

We are judged on our smile. Even more so at events like weddings with the professional and amateur photographers snapping shots for posterity and social media. A good tip I discovered is Night Out! Dental Stain Concealer by Smile Brilliant. It works and is as easy as brushing your teeth. It doesn’t remove the stains from coffee, wine, smoke, etc., but it conceals them with a purple gel that counteracts the yellowing — that’s the science behind this product. Your smile will appear whiter and brighter in just 60 seconds. Learn more on their website link.

Smile Brilliant

Now that we can all gather without masks and trepidation, destination weddings are back by popular demand. This doesn’t mean that the rules of carrying liquids on a plane has changed, including the amount of shampoo you can pack for a trip. I discovered this Hydrating Shampoo Bar by I. C O. N. This solid bar of shampoo is exactly like bar soap, and is vegan and recyclable. I just think it’s a smart way to clean your hair after flying the friendly skies. It also travels well when you return home.

I. C. O. N.

Even though you think it’s spring, the sun still casts dangerous rays upon the skin. While you’re hopefully basking in all that brightness on this day, don’t forget to wear sunscreen. I recommend Geologie Performance Face Sunscreen, most specifically for attending mountaintop or beach resort weddings. I’ve tested it and the cream is non-greasy, applies quickly, and is water-resistant. You’ll appreciate this tip after waiting longer than expected in some garden or at the beach, and all you want to do is hit the open bar and dance floor.


You will be shaking a lot of hands and possibly partner dancing on this day and that means your hands have to be in their best condition. No one wants to shake hands with sandpaper. While getting ready, I suggest you apply squirt or two of Pangea Hand Cream. Made with Egyptian Geranium and Bergamot, the results are balancing, comforting and relaxing — some palms tend to get a little sweaty on the day of the wedding or even during the rehearsal gathering.

I also recommend the Pangea Body Oil made with the same calming ingredients (Egyptian Geranium and Bergamot). It can help reduce tension in the muscles of the shoulders, back, legs and arms. It absorbs into the skin quickly but I recommend you wait just a few minutes before dressing for the big occasion.

Pangea Organics

Get ready to pucker-up. There will be a lot of embraces, high-fives and kisses coming your way. The Alpine Provisions Lip Balm is made with rosemary and mint. I picked this brand not only for it’s effectiveness but also because all of their product packaging is made from paper and the most compostable. Keep a tube handy in your breast pocket. It’s good for your lips and the environment.

Alpine Provisions

A splash of cologne as the last step in preparation is always a good idea. I recommend the latest release from MCM Onyx. It’s made with top notes of ginger and grapefruit, middle notes of lavender, basil and violet leaf and base notes of clearwood, vetiver and tonka. The bottle design is based on the MCM iconic backpack — the outcome is alluring and masculine.


My last tip is to make sure you eat something early on the day of the wedding and drink plenty of water throughout the celebration. You are now ready to walk down the aisle with your head up high.

Photo Creds: Companies, E. Kolicks.