Gyms Reopen This Month

According to the New York State Department of Health, gyms and other businesses such as bowling alleys and sports clubs will reopen this month at 33% capacity with a few limitations such as face coverings, social distancing and equipment cleaning. Following are a few products for men to get back in shape, back to classes and maintain health and hygiene.

The French understand fragrance and design not to mention outdoor sports like cycling (Peugeot) and football (FFF). This month I chose bar soap Averal Provence named Opium and made in Marseille. Made with 75% Olive Oil and 25% Shea Butter, scented soap suitable for all skin types. The scent used comes from the city of Grasse. We will be featuring more products from Averal Provence in the coming weeks.


Masami makes a wonderful shampoo and conditioner with ‘Mekabu’ — a nutrient-rich botanical found in the ocean north of Japan. The shampoo leaves the hair looking healthy and clean. I selected Masami this month for the cleansing ingredients and light scent. Toss these two products in your gym bag.


You know the staff at Beauty News are strong advocates for using sunscreen on a daily basis even when it’s cloudy outside. For the active man, I recommend My Day Screen. It’s a plant-based nutritious skincare lotion with an SPF30. It applies quickly and will help protect against skin cancer and early signs of aging due to the sun, polution and elements.

My Day Screen

Brand new on the market, Arm & Hammer just released their cleansing and refreshing Foot Wipes. This is a must-have for those returning to the treadmills, running tracks, basketball courts, etc. There are 30 wipes per package and they are made with Arm & Hammer Baking Soda to help neutralize and eliminate odor. These wipes also help remove dirt, sweat and impurities while essential oils make your feet healthy and hydrated. This product got extra points for the simple convenience.

Arm & Hammer

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