March Madness? How Guys Can Up Their Grooming Game.

This month is not only about the NCAA Basketball Tournament, it’s also about being prepared for the games and change of season, as well as the public and, dare I say, private image of sportsmen. Now is the time to get back in the barber’s chair with a visit to Pisterzi in SoHo or book a trip to Milan, Italy. Consultations, haircuts and membership offers are easy to book online.

Regardless of your hair length, facial hair or skin type, check out the following grooming products I recently discovered:

The Pisterzi Free Zone Mask and Scrub will help rid of that dull, ashy, ruddy complexion left over from winter. You can apply it and leave it on to dry or as a scrub and rinse with warm water — this mask/scrub helps remove, oil, dirt, sebum, etc. The outcome, I discovered, is a fresher, cleaner and most certainly exfoliated face. This can be used on all types of skin but is also recommended to help those with adult acne. I recommend using this product once a week.

The Daily Cleanser and Sculpting Shaving product by Pisterzi is currently my go-to face wash plus. The plus is that I can also use it to precision shave my mustache and beard. I was immediately won-over by this luxury soap not only for its effectiveness but also the scent. In my opinion, this is the top of the line product for dual-action grooming.

When I think of Italian imports, I think of names like Ferrari, Gucci and Benetti. I recently tried this scent called Tonstrina 17 and it is a brand that I will keep an eye on with expectations of great success in the U.S. It is a classic scent that conjures up for me a drive on the Amalfi Coast or even a yacht race in Venice — I was lucky to experience both. This scent is made up of a combination of both citrus and the earthy elements of thyme, basil and lavender — a combination that reflects gentlemen sportsmanship.

This grooming advice may not help you pick the Final Four but I guarantee you will score points at the office, courtside and… you know where.