Metro Home Best Bets Trio: Wonderbag, Moso, Weatherman.

Wonderbag Wonderfulness
Go green with Wonderbag, which originated in South Africa, and utilizes temperature-retaining technology to keep food and beverages cold or hot. It doubles as a slow-cooker during cold-weather months, and is ideal for transporting Thanksgiving dishes. To keep food cold, simply freeze it, slip it into the Wonderbag, and then serve. Its heat-retention can slow cook food for as long as 12 hours with no plugs, so you’ll be saving energy, money, and the planet. Plus, when you purchase a bag, another is donated in Africa. Check out all of the delectable recipes you can cook up at

Pink Protection
In honor of October being BCA/Breast Cancer Awareness month, next time it rains, reach for a bright pink Weatherman umbrella, which is the ultimate in umbrella construction and withstands strong winds up to 55 mph. If you ever wished that umbrellas were built to last and be more effective, then this is your brand: There’s no other umbrella like it in the world.

Nature’s Air Freshener
MOSO Natural Purifying Bags are 100% chemical-free and fragrance free, created with bamboo charcoal that removes air impurities, odors, and excess moisture without the chemical drawbacks. Millions of tiny, sponge-like pores and cavities remove airborne and trapped odors, rendering these ideal for nurseries, pet areas, kitchens, tucked inside gym shoes, gym bags, washrooms, and more. After two years, you can add these to your garden. To rejuvenate bags, place in sunlight for an hour during any season. Read more at