Metro Man Best Bet: TURQ Briefs Are Loaded with Features

What’s so special about Turq for men? For starters, this line of men’s briefs has some bells and whistles that men will appreciate.

Their OASIS Collection and Coastline Collection feature a Paradise Pouch™ that offers support and separation without restriction — allowing men to move chafe-free wherever their days take them. The Paradise Pouch™ offers all-day, friction-free comfort by keeping those boys supported and separated from their thighs.
Price: $38
Available: HERE

Their Freestyle Fit, the Original Turq, was engineered for men who live an active lifestyle and features quick-drying fabric, all-day odor control, and a seamless design to help keep guys comfortable under pressure. This product line includes different fits: STOKED, RENEGADE, TURBO STRIPES, and TRUNX. Whichever fit you choose, you’ll find that each pair of Turqs is crafted with comfort and freedom of motion in mind for your active summer adventures. This line includes features such as ventilated air-flow fabric, silver-infused antimicrobial microfiber, and a non-chafing seamless construction that fits very well and is ultra-comfortable.
Price: $34
Available: HERE

Choose your favorite Turq fits, styles, and features to tailor your comfort this summer. Quality pays when it comes to briefs.