Metro Man: Collegiate Gifts from Your Empty Nest

Do you miss those days of him avoiding chores while he and his bros create a permanent slope in your sofa and an empty refrigerator in the kitchen? All in the name of hand-held devices, a large screen TV and self proclaimed gamers. If so, check out AirFly at Twelve South. This device will connect your future industrialist with a gadget that connects to his wireless headphones during flights from school to home, while playing his games in the dorm and if he decides to join a health club, it will work there as well so he can sweat to his favorite tunes.

Shop: Twelve South

Whether he is in art school, studying law, architecture or engineering, a fine crafted pen is always a special gift that he will use and appreciate. Unlike the computer keyboard, fine pens have a soul. They actually connect the man who holds the instrument with his thoughts, heart and words. I suggest you take a look at the wide selection of pens by various inspired companies at Pen Heaven. You can select the exact personal one by style, color and functionality. In return, you may receive a gracious handwritten thank you note from…

Pen Heaven

Sports scholarship or not, send him a hoodie, jersey, scarf, bobble head, etc. with his favorite sports team logo. Imagine the look on his face and his new teammates when he opens this care package? FOCO offers a wide range of sports attire and collectibles. You can also put some cookies in the gift box along with copies of the pictures when he played on the farm league. Ya know, parent humor.


For the serious student or even the one who needs to focus a little more, why not send the game of chess. As you may know, this game has grown in leaps and bounds and ambitious moves by pawns, rooks, bishops, knights and queens from dorm rooms to outdoor parks. You will have a lot talk about and perhaps a family challenge by the time he returns home for the holidays. Visit the following website for everything about the game and where to make a purchase.

Chess Set