Metro Man Fashion: BRIC Clothing + Bruno Marc Footwear

Spring Sweaters for People of Tall Stature
Big and tall men already stand out in every setting, so they might as well take full advantage of the extra attention by demonstrating their exquisite style and mastery of the sartorial realm. This is where the menswear brand BRIC enters the picture to fill a void as an atypical menswear brand that offers ultra-premium essentials for men who don’t fit traditional sizes. With every passing generation, we all grow taller and larger (which explains the tiny beds for adults in historical museums). Men should never have to compromise taste, fit, or comfort in fashion simply because of their size. Bric features well-crafted sweaters in 9 distinctive sizes tailored to different body types.

BRIC ranges beyond big-and-tall, into better-and-tailored, enabling men to feel confident that their clothing fits well. No more “Hmmm, these sleeves are short for me…” or “This sweater is clearly too short.” Find Full Zip Sweaters and Half Zip Sweaters in as many as five beautiful hues.
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A Giant Step for Footwear
The comfort and style of Bruno Marc casual footwear is undeniable, and their Men’s Classic Lightweight Casual Sneakers for spring/summer come in sizing up to 15 for men whose footsteps are huge to fill. Bruno Marc offers casual and dress shoes for every season and type of weather: snow boots, loafers, dress Oxfords, Chukka boots, combat boots, leather Wingtips, comfy-cloud walking shoes, moccasins loafers, and much more. If you or someone you know spends 8 hours a day in a pair of shoes, then ensure that they’re as ultra-comfortable as possible.
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