Metro Man: Hair. Scalp. Lips. Teeth. Beard.

This month I will start at the top and work our way down just to the shoulders. Men need to focus on their daily grooming routine and here are my suggestions to keep your head healthy, refreshed, and out of the clouds when it comes to hygiene and looking handsome.

I start with the scalp. Balmain Homme offers a deep luxury cleansing treatment enriched with ingredients that effectively remove hair product build-up, dirt, grime and excess sebum. I too had to look up the word sebum. It’s gross. It is an oily secretion of the sebaceous glands. With the change of seasons, many men including myself suffer from dandruff. This product helps fight the flakes and leaves the scalp clean, smooth and revitalized. It combines an invigorating citrus freshness with Bergamot and the masculine scent of Sandalwood. Even if you have a ‘chrome dome’ the Balmain Scalp Scrub is non-discriminating and good for every ‘thinking man’s’ noggin.

Balmain Scalp Scrub

I will review various shampoo brands in the coming weeks. For now I want to recommend the Balmain Bodyfying Conditioner and its daily thickening effect. It is specifically created for men with thinning hair concerns. My hair has changed as I age and I’ve noticed more fine strands on my comb and in my hands when I shower. This product states that it will help create density with the hair fibers and stimulate hair growth. I am willing to give it a try with high expectations of a fuller head of hair. I do not anticipate the unruly mop head (fro) I had in my youth.

Balmain Bodyfying Conditioner

From shaggy to flat-top to spiky. Are you still sporting a DA (duck’s ass if you didn’t know), a mullet or full-on lion’s mane like Fabio? No worries. I recently found the Uppercut Deluxe Pink Motel Stay Collector’s Box. I offer up this retro package for guys who take pride in the classic, vintage or current-day hairstyles. Anything goes. This box comes with Pink Matte Pomade, Brand Keychain, Collectors Sticker, and Door Hanger Box — the ultimate in kitsch. Pomade is generally applied to tame hair for a sleek, comb back, often parted, old-Hollywood appearance. Remember the pompadour? This pomade is water-soluble so it can be washed out with ease, and has the power to style regardless of your generation.

Uppercut Deluxe Pink Matte Pomade

A lip exfoliator? Huh!? I questioned what I was reading too. Well, never to settle for pessimism, I opened the box along with an open mind. SNOW has created this Lip Exfoliator that comes in sealed package along with an application stick. Applying it is as simple as spackling but takes less than a minute to complete as your lips are much smaller than a wall. I tried it. The scent of mint, sugar and lavender wafted up my nostrils. I liked it. You massage the product into your smoocher and then wait a few minutes and remove with warm water and a washcloth. I won’t bother you with the list of ingredients because the real appeal and value should be determined by your next kiss.

SNOW Lip Exoliator

What am I going to do with toothpaste tabs? Well, at first I was skeptical but if you travel or on the go as much as I am, these tabs from Alpine Provisions are super convenient. I’ve wrestled enough with tubes of gooey paste and gels mucking up my shaving kit for so many years. These tabs work without the mess. Ya just pop the tab in your mouth like a Chicklette and break it up until you get the foam reaction. Then brush and rinse your teeth as you normally do hopefully several times a day. What sets these toothpaste tabs apart from all oral goop on the market is that Alpine Provisions donates one percent of all sales to the Colorado Outward Bound School Scholarship Fund. I will brush with these Whitening Mint tabs for altruistic reasons.

Alpine Provisions Whitening Mint Toothpaste Tabs

After brushing remember what your dentist says every visit, “You need to floss more!” That being said pick-up a tube of this Vegan Dental Floss by Alpine Provisions. You already know how to floss (and I don’t mean the dance) but what you may not know is that the entire product and package of this is reusable or biodegradable.

Alpine Provisions Vegan Dental Floss

I believe that every guy at some point in his life attempts to grow and sculpt his facial hair. I personally could not complete a full-faced scruffy beard and I’m fine with that. Three weeks in of the whisker itch, I opted for a mustache and eventually the well-groomed goatee. For gents with the follicles on the face, I recommend Balmain Beard Oil. This product provides a moisturizing effect on the skin as well as the facial hair. It also, absorbs quickly without leaving any greasy residue. I appreciate the luster it creates and the scent is strictly masculine yet not overly aggressive.

Balmain Beard Oil

Note: In the coming weeks I will be reviewing more grooming products including a selection from the companies above. Be sure to bookmark and revisit the BNNYC Metro Man section.