Metro Man: Rid Tired Eyes and Improve Your Hair this Season

Looking a little tired after returning to work this time? Are you under stress from all that is going on in the world?  Remember, your eyes are the windows to the world and sometimes they get a little puffy and discolored. Here is a quick solution to looking better under the current circumstances. Boscia offers an eye mask that cools and improves your appearance after a hard day’s work or a hard day’s night. Here is what you need to know: You just apply two patches under your eyes and watch your favorite sitcom and turn off the news. The application takes only 15 minutes. The experience is relaxing and you will look more rested and presentable for the next day.

Check them out here: Bascia

Reuzel is a product from Holland. I’ve tested their pomade and now I’ve tried their Clay Spray to help groom my hair that changes during the seasons. While this product looks and sounds strange for most metro men in the U.S., I gave it a shot and have to admit that it did exactly what the bottle claims – it gave my hair that barbershop polish and made me look presentable for dinner and to be seen in on the street with a mask on my face but without a hat or cap on my head. It’s a great product to groom your hair this fall.

See more here: Reuzel

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