Metro Man Roundup: Gifts for All Occasions

Check out our roundup of unique, fun gifts for the men in your life:

Hank Skincare Uncommon Flowers For Men: Men’s plant based skincare
Everyone wants great-looking skin, whether they want to admit it or not, so pamper your guy with this dynamic duo of men’s products made by Hank Skincare. The company has created a natural, flower-based line for men to expose them to the effects of roots and flowers. All ingredients in Hank products are organic and cruelty-free for the ultimate wellness result. Most of their skincare treatments use 150 mg of broad spectrum cannabis sativa hemp-extracted cannabinoid oil, which is high in antioxidants and adaptogens (non-toxic plants) to resist stress that is physical, chemical and biological. Hank is also an eco-friendly brand. All packing is sustainable, the containers are glass and aluminum, and all the boxes are made of post recycled materials.

BHANG The Face Treatment
Repair the skin by nourishing it with the vital components of plant compounds formulated together in this amazing oil. The BHANG The Face Treatment helps to bring back that supple, youthful look to the skin after years of stress exposure, environmental factors, and not taking the proper care. Revive vivacity with this must-have product for men.

SHIELD The Hair Beard Balm
Hair remains smooth and moisturized with this balm made especially as a multi-purpose product for hair and beards. SHIELD The Hair Beard Balm holds hair naturally, keeping everything together without a stiff or crusty look. The balm even smells refreshing so your man is sure to love not only his clean-cut look, but also the fragrance. Give your email to receive exclusive private sales and 15% off your order. Check out the fabulous collection at

The Grumpy Octopus 
When you need a good laugh, this Grumpy Octopus is sure to make you smile. This soft plushie is a great reminder that it’s completely fine to be cranky and annoyed at times, and to not take life so seriously. The Grumpy Octopus has even been quoted to be the best non-happy stuffed toy. All guys could use chuckle, and if anything, the Grumpy Octopus makes for an interesting conversation starter. Available on Amazon HERE.

Pajamas are not just for kids! Kyte BABY the softest ecological pj’s made for babies and adults that are economically sourced and created from bamboo. The company offers an array of matching sets so the whole family can enjoy Kyte BABY apparel. What’s great about using bamboo to create clothing is that it is hypoallergenic, which results in a smart use of resources and sustainability, which is better for the planet. When you or your child wear Kyte BABY you can feel good about the product you are supporting. The founder of Kyte BABY’s daughter suffered from infant eczema and needed soothing clothing for her sensitive, itchy skin. Bamboo fabric ended up being the answer and Kyte BABY was born. Whether your guy plans on going to sleep or just lounging around the house, these pajamas are the perfect way to relax in a comfortable manner. Treat dad and the family to premium pj’s they are all guaranteed to love and go to

Earth Therapeutics Tea Tree Foot Peeling Spray
With a couple of sprays, this exceptional product works immediately and guys will love it. To test it out, I was dubious about a couple of sprays exfoliating and removing dead skin right away, but it really does. My feet are particularly dry, and after just three sprays their rough skin was already coming off. To enjoy the maximum benefits out of the Tea Tree Foot Peeling Spray, your guy should use a foot file after application. Also note: this product works great on other dry skin areas, such as elbows or knees, too. Earth Therapeutics is offering all users a 15% off discount on their first purchase from the entire Earth Therapeutics collection. Use the code Welcome2021 at checkout. Give him the gift of sandal-ready feet at

Eufora Hero for Men Exceptional Shave
Indulge him with a special gift that is extremely beneficial and head to Eufora’s Hero for Men Exceptional Shave. The 3-in-1 soothing shave solution was created for men with superior ingredients that deliver high quality results. The cream is an original combination of botanicals and advanced science that results in an excellent close shave leaving the skin smooth and healthy looking. The solution also retains long term moisture which helps to fight the signs of aging. All Eufora products are pH balanced between 4.5-6.0 and gluten free, mineral oil free, certified organic aloe, paraben free, petrolatum free and vegan. Treat dad to that perfect shave and go to

Paulas Choice Clarifying Charcoal Mask
Guys need to pamper their skin, too. Not all men are excited to spend their free time putting on a face mask, but Paulas Choice Clarifying Charcoal Mask makes at home self-care easy and an unwinding experience after a long day. Revive and balance oily skin with this awesome product that is produced with first-class charcoal and natural clays. Together the charcoal and clays offer the ultimate formulation. Charcoal draws out pore-congesting debris while the absorbent clays mattify oily shine. Dad’s complexion will be left shine-free, refreshed, and intensely hydrated. He may not thank you before, but he definitely will after. Free hhipping on all orders over $49, snag your fabulous mask and more at

Eminence Stone Crop Cleansing Oil
Opt for untainted organic goodness in its finest cleansing oil form. Eminence Stone Crop Cleansing Oil is a fabulous gift because it can be used on all skin types and is a product that a guy may not typically buy. But is absolutely needed. The cleansing oil gently removes impurities. The cleanser can be used for a close, comfortable shave so it offers many beneficial elements. Eminence Organic Skin Care only uses premium, natural, organic, and biodynamic ingredients without the dirty additives. Grab this power cleanser today at

TACTICA Camping Card Multitool
If the man in your life likes to camp, then this all-purpose gadget is just what he needs. The TACTICA Camping Card Multitool is useful for all camping destinations. It was specifically designed to help with setting up, packing down, and all the other activities you need in-between, like starting a fire, removing tent-peps, and opening a cold adult beverage. TACTICA was created to make your life easier. It is also TSA-compliant by omitting blades, cutters, and other would-be weapons, so you can take your tool wherever you travel without the worry. Find this versatile product on Amazon HERE.

Old Trapper Beef Jerky
For the dads who like meat, Old Trapper Beef Jerky is the ultimate snack to curb cravings. For those who watch their carbohydrate intake, this jerky is made with only five grams of sugar and its low in carbs. It has 11 grams of protein per serving — so it’s highly recommended by Keto and Atkins followers. Created by a family-owned business since 1969, all the cuts of steak are smoked to perfection using real wood in the smokehouses. Choices from hot and spicy jerky, peppered, teriyaki, old fashioned and zero sugar. Find all the fantastic flavors on Amazon HERE.