Metro Man: Sizzlin’ Hot & New Summer Products

Let’s not rush through summer! We still have several weeks to go.

Uppercut Deluxe just released a new line this month and I tested the products. The collection includes: Deluxe Shave Cream, Exfoliating Cleanser, Hydrating Moisturizer and Aftershave Cologne. The shave cream is rich and lathers well with a fresh, clean and light scent — 2 thumbs up. Their exfoliating cleanser is made with ground pumice and charcoal and I recommend you use it at least twice a week to deep cleanse the pores. As far as moisturizers go, this product is hydrating and non-greasy so there is no shiny residue. I gave it extra points for that alone. With regards to aftershave, I am rather particular and the Uppercut Deluxe brand is made with mandarin, patchouli and spice. My personality is spicy enough. I recommend this for fans of patchouli and always keep in mind that scent reacts differently to every person due to our chemical composition — this is why choosing cologne is such a personal endeavor.

I also recommend two of my favorite established Uppercut Deluxe Hair Products. They are my go-to hair help depending on the length and style of my hair. The Upper Cut Foam Tonic is perfect for a messy but controlled look that adds a touch of shine. When I am creating a more polished and sophisticated style with a precision part on my head, I grab their Uppercut Deluxe Pomade. It’s perfect to shape your hair for a formal occasion with the slick appeal of the Roaring ‘20s.

Always a fan of the French, I selected the Revitalizing Mask by Balmain Paris. This product is for the hair, not the face. Like all creations from this company, there is a high level of quality and they always pass the claims test. The mask is an intense hair spa for dried, damaged or brittle hair. Just apply to towel dry hair, massage into the roots and wait 5 to 10 minutes then rinse. You will notice an immediate difference plus a healthy, flaxen mane. Consistently, Balmain has created a subtle scent that is as natural and invigorating as an ocean breeze.

The summer sun is still burning strong and that brings us to the topic of sunscreen. While purchasing the Balmain Revitalizing Mask, make sure to pick up their Sun Protection Spray. This product is for the hair and not only protects the follicles and scalp but also leaves a sun kissed brilliance. I used it at a friend’s lake cottage recently and came home with an empty bottle as my friends too enjoyed the SPF coverage and scent.

Balmain Paris

I was asked to test a product called Stop Guessing by Bioformula Select and when I read the product information, I thought it was a skin toner. It’s more than that. It’s a serum for the removal of dark, sun or age spots — whichever term you want to call them. While Vitiligo runs in my family, I am currently not having this issue but a friend of mine is. I politely asked him if he would like to test Stop Guessing and he obliged. His review of the product is positive. It’s made a difference in the skin tone on his forehead, neck and a small patch on the back of his hand. The active ingredients include Arbutin, Hexapeptide-1 and Oligopeptide-1. My friend said he simply put it on after washing his face, let it dry and then applied a moisturizer over it. Within a week he noticed the difference and gave it two thumbs up. Check out their website below for more details and to make a purchase.

Bioformula Select

I’ve been a fan of Barber Pisterzi for quite a while. With shops in Manhattan and Milan, Italy, this business truly offers the red carpet treatment of barbershops. Their products are way above standards and, in my opinion, the benchmark for men’s grooming supplies. This month I recommend their Solid Serum. This invention is multipurpose and used for pre-shaving, beard treatment and/or face treatment. It softens the beard and moisturizes the skin when used as a quick application or deep cleansing mask. The product is infused with coconut oil and helps maintains skin tone while enhancing a youthful radiance. Trust me when I say it’s as close to the pinnacle as grooming can be. I also strongly recommend a shave and haircut on your next visit to the SoHo neighborhood. Check out their loyalty program.

Barber Pisterzi

Enjoy the rest of the season and remember that men have skin and hair too — maintaining and pampering is humane.

Photo Credits: Companies and P. K. Greenfield