Metro Man: The ‘Fall Guy’s’ Guide To Grooming

The change of seasons has a major effect on skin, hair and health. This autumn I selected several grooming and skincare products for men to use as the elements adhere to nature’s laws. Oars + Alps, Pangea Organics, 18.21 Manmade and Reuzel made the cut for fall 2021.

I recently discovered the product line by Oars + Alps and tried the Invigorating Shampoo. It has an alpine tea tree scent with notes of tea tree, peppermint, lavender and cedarwood. It tingles and cools the scalp and leaves hair nourished, shiny and healthy.

I also recommend their Hydrating Conditioner with Fresh Ocean Splash. Some of the ingredients are derived from algae and kelp extracts. These products gained extra points because they are vegan, gluten-free and against animal testing.

Note: More Oars + Alps products will be tried, tested and reviewed in the coming months.

Oars + Alps

For men who prefer a body wash over bar soap, try Pangea Organics Body Wash — Catalonian Cypress & Juniper. This product has a fresh aroma of pine needles, sandalwood, clove and fresh orange. It’s a highly concentrated formula for long shelf life and creates a rich lather with just a little water. The aloe ingredient helps keep the skin clean and hydrated.

After the shower, try the Pangea Organics Body Lotion — Moroccan Cedar & Sandalwood. This spicy and energizing lotion is inspired by the markets in Marrakesh and combined with Australian sandalwood. It also contains aloe and coconut oil plus antioxidants: persimmon. turmeric and ginseng extracts. The inspired packaging and masculine design give this bath collection extra points.

Pangea Organics

For face moisturizer this month, I tried and tested the 18.21 Manmade Face Lotion with age-defying moisturizer and a sweet tobacco scent. Made with amino acids, antioxidants and nourishing oils, this product should be used in the morning and before bed. It refuels fatigued skin. It’s a must-have for every gent’s medicine cabinet.

18.21 Manmade

For hair care this season, I recommend the Reuzel Pomade. Their Concrete Hold Matte Pomade is made with beeswax and castor oil. It provides a strong hold with no shine and easy to rinse out with water. It’s a product from Holland and will hold your style through the windy season.

For the finishing touch in your daily regimen, splash on a little of Reuzel’s RR cologne. With hints of citrus, tea tree, sugar and rum, this cologne just might take you away for a well-needed rest in the island breeze of a tropical island. RR got an extra point for its fresh and clean scent plus it’s the perfect bottle to toss in a gym bag to use after a strenuous workout.


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