Metro Man: The Perfect Jean, Marlowe + Ron del Barrilito Rum

As we prep to ring in 2023, here’s a brand triumvirate for dressing, grooming, and celebrating gents that will usher the new year in with panache, flair, and flavor:

The Perfect Jean – Literally
The Perfect Jean brand for men lives up to its name with their Athletic-fit super soft denim jeans that come in 11 different hues and two color options for ripped. Ideal for big and/or tall men, these jeans also come in extra long 38 length and up to a size 50 waist, so every sized man can don these comfortable, polished jeans that are, in a word, perfect. They stretch in the groin area to protect the family jewels, and also come in slim thick, bootcut, slim, and skinny styles. These are the jeans men need.

The Perfect Jean also offers tees, hoodies, and more for men on the casual side.

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Rum Facts
Ron del Barrilito: Extraordinary Puerto Pican Rum
Ron del Barrilito Three Stars is a blend of rums that have spent 6 to 10 years in American white oak barrels used to hold sherry. Crafted for sipping, it’s a smooth and woody spirit with plenty of dried fruit and tropical fruit notes and a pleasant sweetness that makes it a great for cocktails, too. Rum history began in the 1600s with fermented and distilled molasses, a byproduct of sugar production. Most rum is aged in oak or ex-wine casks, imbuing its color and flavor.

Crafted at the historic Hacienda Santa Ana in Puerto Rico, the Three Stars rum is a blend of 6 to 10-year-old rums aged in sherry American oak barrels for optimal flavor. The history of Ron del Barrilito begins in 1787 when the Fernández family received a hacienda in Puerto Rico from the Spanish Crown. In 1871 Pedro Fernández returned to Hacienda Santa Ana from France, where he had learned about making spirits, and his own process and recipe for Ron del Barrilito or “little barrel rum,” took a decade to perfect. A younger rum more suited to cocktails was added after Prohibition. In 2018 Hacienda Santa Ana launched the first new products in nearly 8 decades ? the limited-edition Four Stars (aged up to 20 years) and Five Stars (aged up to 35 years) rum. A visitor center in P.R. offer tours for rum aficionados from across the globe, letting them experience the beautiful taste and aesthetic of Hacienda Santa Ana.

Ron del Barrilito has 4 different rum categories; white or unaged rum is mainly used in cocktails, and dark, spiced, and añejo (aged) rum are mostly enjoyed neat.
Find it and recipes for cocktails HERE.

Marlowe – Shampoo + Conditioner
Let’s face it: as humans, we all need to somehow keep our heads and hair clean, so it might as well be with a luxurious, clean formulation shampoo and conditioner duo that’s devoid of parabens, phthalates, and other toxic ingredients. Marlowe for men is a brand you can trust for cruelty-free, clean-ingredient goodness. Lather up with their ultra-hydrating shampoo, formulated with a unique combination of natural ingredients like moisturizing Argan & Coconut oil, which is ideal for battling harsh winter weather. Pair it with their Classic Conditioner to restore luster and shine.
An additional bonus: made in the U.S.
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