Metro Man: Top Grooming Picks for This Season

It’s not easy for men to discuss or deal with adult acne. The affliction is more common than most imagine. I’ve recently discovered Stryke Club and their Everywhere Wash. This product helps men of all ages get clearer skin on both the face and body. Just lather up and leave it on for 10 minutes. The fresh scent gave the everywhere wash a few extra points.


With gyms slowly reopening and most guys still getting in their exercise on the gritty streets and beautiful but cramped and dusty parks, Arm & Hammer offers Odor Defense Foot Powder that has sweat-activated odor control. This powder is a must-have for every pair of shoes that men own regardless of sneakers. We tested it and it keeps feet cool and dry for the entire day. Make a purchase at Amazon and Target.

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Modern Mammals made the cut this month mostly because it’s manufactured in the U.S. and distributed from Brooklyn, NY. This shampoo has a different philosophy than most products that are primarily made with harsh chemicals that strip the hair clean and then coat it with conditioner. Modern Mammals goal is to try and keep your hair and head natural. This means the shampoo will not augment and distort your pH balance and natural oils like traditional shampoo.  There was no testing on animals so the product is Vegan.


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