OffCourt: Play. Spray. Men Win.

Let the games begin!

While Wimbledon is over and March Madness isn’t until…well, Spring.  Men still keep hitting the courts, fields, greens, rings, gyms, etc. Along with this comes a lot of sweat. This month I chose OffCourt Performance Body Sprays to help guys fight the remnants of sweat — body odor. While these three sprays will not help scores and goals, they will help guys feel fresh, walk taller and more alluring after the locker room. Game on!

The Three Pack:

Fresh Citron + Driftwood — A combination of grapefruit, mandarin and lemon plus green apple and a subtle driftwood fragrance.

Fig Leaves + White Musk — The green leafy side of the fig balanced with white musk for a clean scent.

Coconut Water + Sandalwood — Energizing bergamot plus coconut and outdoor scent of sandalwood.

Note: According to The University of Pennsylvania Smell Identification Test (UPSIT) and a meta-analysis, the results of the tests indicated that women generally outperform men in olfactory abilities.

I think this is common knowledge so use the spray.

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