Pisterzi: Skincare, Mediterranean Style

Men need to take better care of their skin, and the growing market of skincare products for guys has exploded over the years. While there are many good products to choose from, I recently I discovered Pisterzi. The name may sound familiar from the popular barbershop in SoHo, New York.

Here is what I discovered and recommend:

I tried their Face And Eye Guard Treatment Phase. It comes in gel form and is great for skin hydration and elasticity, and protects the skin around the eyes and helps reduce dark circles. You can apply it as an aftershave to help reduce shaving problems. I tried it for a week and noticed the improved results in my skin.

The Pisterzi Solid Serum should be used pre-shaving, as beard treatment. You could also apply it as a face moisturizer overnight. The water-free product is coconut oil-based with botanicals derived from black pepper fruits, ginseng extract, and açai. The ingredients help with skin tone and enhance radiance.

With all the cold weather hitting the face, it’s probably wise to treat your skin some Italian warmth – like a ride on the Amalfi Coast.

Note: The glass container refills can be purchased anytime either on the website or at the atelier in SoHo.