Select Scents for the Groom and Groomsmen

According to The Knot, the most popular months for marriage are September and October. However, the coordination and details for the special day begins now. That being stated, here are a few select scents to gift the groom and groomsmen before the vows, choosing their attire, and celebration — the men will appreciate the gift and everyone will enjoy their fresh allure on the dance floor.

The Sportsman

Polo by Ralph Lauren was created in 1967. This was a long time ago but their scent and business has thrived ever since. There is a reason for this. Polo, the sport, was first played in Persia (Iran). This scent is perfect for the family man who loves to be outdoors and sports.

Key Notes: Citrus and woods plus sunflower, bergamot, and vetiver

The Intellect

If your guy works as an educator, professor, scientist or attending graduate school, I recommend the newest scent from Issey Miyake. L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme is exceptional for the scholar. I’ve been a fan of this brand for many years. They have improved it with the scent of citrus. Which opens the mind.

This cologne features base notes: water lily, tobacco, nutmeg, musk, cedar, bergamot, tarragon, lemon, sandalwood, and vetiver. It’s the lemon that makes this scent special for the intelligent man.

An Artist

I chose Ferragamo Red Leather for the artists in this world. It offers confidence when the writer, painter, actor feels less confident in their work and passion. Creative types need to know or be reminded that their work is appreciated, regardless if it’s published, staged, exhibited or work shopped. We need more artists in New York and around the globe.

Top notes: Italian bergamot, mandarin pulp, and ginger
Middle notes: jasmine, orris ultimate, and rosemary
Base notes: vetiver, soft leather, sandalwood


If the guy is a Wall Street go-getter or a numbers type of man who loves mathematics, I suggest Parfums de Marly. They have been in business since 1743 and catered to royalty in France, Italy, and the rest of Europe. This is the most sought out scent for those who deal with numbers on a daily basis. The powerful and those who seek to be it adore the fragrance.

The top notes for Perseus are bergamot, grapefruit, blackcurrant; it also has hints of
vetiver and geranium as well as woods.

I sprayed a little on myself the other day and while inside my office building’s elevator, two people commented that I smelled really good. I was impressed and their kindness made my day.

All of the above make great gifts for guys before the wedding procession and walk down the aisle.

Photo Credits: PK Greenfield, Parfums de Marly, Ferragamo, Lauren, Issey Miyake