Smell Him! Royal Malady is Enchanting

As a former product namer, I have to love a fragrance brand called Royal Malady. It suggests a freewheeling, creative spirit that is confirmed by its extensive niche perfume and cologne lineup, each more alluring than the last. As we revel in wedding season, summer soirees, and Father’s Day, you’ll want your favorite Royal Malady on hand, wrist, neck and other body parts — for yourself, dad, or your plus-one. These fragrances are eminently unisex, with a few veering deeply into the woods or savoring the garden. Each is layer-able for creating a unique signature scent, and all are crafted with materials sources from verdant Italy. These nose-pleasing blends are all-season/all-reason, and the aesthetic is Dark Victorian or Uber-Modern.

Some majestic highlights from the stately Royal Malady lineup:

Royal Malady Devoir: Durant
A deeply metallic & woodsy masculine cologne with an edge that features almond, luscious dark vanilla, and sweet honey in a coconut base grounded by heather as the mid-note. A twist: roasted cocoa on top. Mmmm… summer picnics do beckon.

Royal Malady Exclusive: Syntax
This men’s bespoke fragrance is a crisp, clean and powdery scent that evokes clean lines, a post-shower freshness, and a quiet elegance. Syntax is ideal for summer because of its enchantingly subtle blend that will let you know just how powerful an understated sophistication can be as things heat up. Cedarwood, Brazilian rosewood, absolute Champaca flower, black tea notes, lotus, Aloeswood, Tuberose and Nag Champa evoke the remote woods of Ecuador.

Royal Malady Wayward: Damascene
Modern, bold, whimsical and unpredictable, this indulged prince of a scent is intoxicating with notes of powder, vanilla, and sandalwood. Lest that seem too ordinary, hints of marine, tangerine, and sage embrace the nose and provide an irresistibly enigmatic intensity.

Royal Malady Stacked: Hexameter
Spicy, watery, subtle, tiered and uplifting, Hexameter is a multi-faceted meld that feels all-purpose with a slight masculine bend. Don it for work, horseplay, field-romps, moto-excursions, bedroom lounging, tapas-binging, weddings, and rooftop parties. Pairs well with a garnished cocktail in hand and an open mind.

Royal Malady Must-Have: Scion
A staple fragrance with a masculine undertow, Scion is ideal for blending with all other scents as a grounding primer. This dependable scent can match your wardrobe and location, whether it’s the airport, sea, board room, tennis court, or high wire.

Royal Malady Apical: Naysay
Unisex with a whiff of masculinity, Naysay is riveting with mystery and elegance. This sophisticated fougére imparts the earthy aromas of Palo Santo, verbena, and ivy for starters, then offers the aromatic, layered woods of a humidor.

Sniff out their entire collection at Royal Malady and use code 25OFF for a deeply royal discount. Read the Royal Malady Burn Book for Cruel Inflections of Humor and more.

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