Spring Break Attire: Not Just For Collegiates

Tired of childish T-shirt slogans? Weary of those cartoonish outfits that even make a Marvel character turn red? Let me introduce you to Body Glove. Popular for their beachwear and surfer biz, they also make amazing casual shirts and jackets. My personal pick this season is the shirt/jacket in orange (above). The cut is the perfect choice for every body shape and works well from the beach to casual events. Check out their vests for chilly days and evenings

Toss out that old sack on your back. The Body Glove Seaside Bag is the perfect upgrade to carry all of your stuff. There are many styles to choose from, but I really like this one in white because it’s lightweight — just a little over 2 lbs., the top has a full-length opening so you can pack weekend clothes quickly, and it’s waterproof, too. They call it a seaside bag but it travels equally well inland.

Body Glove

Celebrities and pop stars have made the white sneaker very popular for several years, and you’ll see more of this in the coming months. The rappers, singers, performers and aspiring models will have a lot of competition when it comes to this blanched footwear. Keeping them clean in New York City is a task but also achievable. Hint: Buy more than one pair! I recommend Good Man Brand. They can be worn with jeans, shorts, or business suit. My pick this season is their Legend London style (above).

Good Man Brand also makes accessories. I found this belt and asked myself, “Does the world really need another brown belt?” It does. There are men out there who will not go an inch or belt notch beyond what they know. Is this belt quality made? Yes. It’s also not brown — it’s called Dark Vachetta.

Good Man Brand

Everyone has a pet peeve and I don’t like it when people wear footwear with socks. I’ll make exceptions for water shoes and flip-flops. Sneakers? Never! This doesn’t mean I like the European style of wearing black or dress socks with running shoes. Here is my solution, and I believe women have known about this for a long time: no-show liners. They are basically socks you can wear without them being seen. Sheec Socks offers a selection for every size foot. I recommend them for the look you want to achieve and for sanitary reasons – plus, they help maintain the life of your shoe, sneaker, or loafer.

Sheec Socks

Made in Pakistan and coming down the runway (or into the coffee shop) is the newest line from Rastah. Not everyone can pull this style off, but in this age of changing and choosing pronouns, there certainly is a market out there. I selected this brand for those who want to push their own limits, create their own world, and most specifically, because the company believes that each creation is like wearing a work of art.


Protect your eyes and wear a pair of sunglasses that make a statement with eyewear by Moscot. Their styles are stylish, refined, and of high quality – and their styles capture the wearer’s personality. I chose their Kash Sun (pictured) for the hue and classic design.


Spring Break means American students infiltrate the beaches of Florida and Italy and beyond. It also includes family trips, adult excursions, and just about anyone taking some break time to celebrate the season and bask in the sunshine. I recommend Wallaroo Hats. They have many in their collection that function like sunscreen and shield 98% of harmful rays. For gents I recommend their fedoras and most specifically their Outback and Cabo styles.

Wallaroo Hats

Spring break is a time for everyone to take a break in-between seasons, and upgrade their wardrobe. Enjoy. Broaden your horizons. Represent.