Spring Cleaning with Men

Spring cleaning doesn’t just mean preparing your house or apartment for sunny days and warmer temperatures: It also means it’s time to clean up your daily grooming regimen. This season I offer two new products for gents to brush away the winter dullness with a revitalized look and products by Hawthorne and Dr. Rossi Derm MD.

The change of seasons can wreak havoc on the body, face and hair. If you suffer from a dry and itchy scalp, I recommend the Hawthorne Peppermint Scalp Cooling Shampoo. I suffer from seasonal dandruff and this helped calm the problem while keeping some of the ‘snow’ off my shoulders. I liked the fresh peppermint scent while the sunflower seed oil and shea butter help to keep my scalp moisturized.

Occasionally guys need to deep clean the pores from grit and dirt aside from the daily use of bar soap and shower gel. I tried the Hawthorne Eucalyptus/Mint Deep Exfoliating Body Wash. This vegan and cruelty free product is made with jojoba extract and coconut + plant derived ingredients. I chose this exfoliant/wash because it worked and easy to use on the body.

Note: Hawthorne has partnered with Target and the company is currently preparing to open a mega red dot store in Times Square within the next few weeks.

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Anthony Rossi, MD studied at Weill Cornell Medical College and did his residency in dermatology at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital. He specializes in helping patients with the treatment of skin afflictions including various forms of skin cancer. Over a decade ago, he created his own line of skincare products called Dr. Rossi Derm MD. Following are several product highlights for men (and women) seeking healthy, revitalized and skincare.

For people with ruddiness or dark spots on the face, this product will help keep a clearer tone and smoother texture. It is gentle enough for daily use and works with all skin types. I noticed a difference in my complexion within the first week of using The Solution.

For puffy, tired eyes, The Eye Cure is a cream that is clinically proven to decrease the inflammation around this sensitive area under the eye often turn into dark circles and bags. The eyes are typically the first that people notice and this product creates a more rested and revitalized visage. The ingredients help to combat visible signs of aging and maintain skin’s hydration and elasticity.

Getting guys to put on a cream before bed is a task in itself. However, once they try The Night Synthesis and see the results, it may be easier than reminding them take out the trash or find their socks in the sock drawer. This product is the consistency of butter and will help reduce the number and severity of fine lines and wrinkles. Another plus about this product is the fact that it helps calm irritation that causes inflammation and discomfort. It works.

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