Styling for Pride & Summer

GO247 Body Wash is made with macadamia nut and ginseng, which creates a liberating scent so you can start the parade off feeling clean and fresh with nourished skin. You will appreciate this during the festivities all day long; then you can dance under the stars, perhaps on the pier, and will still feel good and fresh.

If your hair needs a medium hold and matte finish, I recommend the G0247 Styling Cream. There are so many activities taking place during the entire month so pop a jar of this in your backpack or purse to fix your hairstyle in between the waving of the flag. It will help to create a sleek look and prevent flyaway hair or frizzies. It works and the jar is convenient for travel.


If you want your hair to shine under the rainbow and hopefully the sun, try the JVN Shine Drops made with hibiscus extract. I recommend it for those who need frizz control or who have overly dry hair.

I also recommend the JVN Conditioning Mist if you prefer to spray away frizz and lock in moisture. It also detangles and usable on all hair types. This product will help keep your style under control with no fly-away follicles. It will help to keep your hairdo in place.

JVN Hair

Do you want to create a glamour look or perhaps superhero eyes? It doesn’t matter – it’s all good. The most important thing is to celebrate you from fantasy to superstar or to simply looking like your new, improved, and well-rested version. Haus Labs is the brainchild of Lady Gaga. A leader in unity, love and humanity created this cosmetic line for everyone and not just for her “little monsters.” For every purchase, a donation goes directly to the Born This Way Foundation focused on the mental health of young people and helps shape a kinder and braver world. Now that is something worth marching for in the streets.

Haus Labs

If your goal is a clean-shaven face or sculpted facial hair, try EOS (Evolution of Smooth). I give their EOS Blue Surf extra points for the scent that captures a sea breeze. They also have a version for sensitive skin and their Fresh Woods captures a more earthy scent. Check out where to shop on the link below.


With the change of seasons comes the change of skin for many of us. Some of us suffer from minor to severe eczema. It may just be rough patches on elbows and knees but it could lead to more discomfort on the entire body. If that is the case for you, try this cream by Arctiva for fast relief of redness, dryness, cracking and itching. It works and may even improve your groove during the parade.


Pride is a time to celebrate and splurge. The scent I selected this month is Haltane Parfums de Marly with top notes of bergamot, sage, and lavender; middle notes are praline and saffron, agar wood and cedar — the outcome is fit for royalty for all humans. It’s available at fine department stores and by clicking the link below.

Parfums de Marly

Considering that many travel from city to city, town to town, parade to parade during Pride Month, I suggest this Balmain Paris Travel Set for hair care and styling. It comes with a convenient travel pouch:

1 Shampoo, 1 Conditioner and 1 Styling Gel (Medium). For those in the know, this is a true luxury set. I gave it extra points for the scent of citrus, bergamot and sandalwood. The set is perfect for travels during Pride or any weekend getaway.


Enjoy. Be Safe. March on!

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