Summer Wear For Everyone Who Likes to Match

Let me begin with this: you don’t have to play golf to look amazing in attire that breathes, and with a fit that compliments every body size. I don’t hit the greens but I am that glad I found the brand Par(x) Golf. Their small-batch craft clothing also wins acclaim as the first plant-based golf clothing brand. They offer headwear, bottoms, and tops for everyone who appreciates a sporty look – encompassing those who tee off, or those who spend most of their time in the clubhouse.

The fabric is well constructed and breathable in this brand. My favorite styles are The Boom Booom in Printed 40s Jersey and The Antonio with X Wheel Pique Panels (above). The line includes attire for everyone in all sizes. I think they look striking both on and off the course. Check out their entire collection at the link below.

Par(x) Golf

Vibrant colors and 100% cotton fleece are what attracted me to the Talentless Capri line. The brilliance of the sun-drenched Island off the coast of Sorrento was the inspiration of this collection. From hoodies to T-shirts and sweatpants, these garments are perfect from sun up to sundown. You don’t need to be on Capri to enjoy their comfort, hue and unisex options — and they’re perfect for those who like to match their clothes as well as their wits. The Capri collection introduces three new colors: Azure Blue, Limoncello, and Salvia. I appreciate all three of them but my favorite is their shade of yellow — which is as stunning as the Mediterranean sun. Shop at Talentless.


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