The Best Grooming Gift for Him: Ahava Men

Are you still looking for something for him? Have you thought of a special gift for his daily grooming? Though a younger generation is discovering skincare and learning to take care of their skin, some men still prefer to rely on the same drugstore products, often loaded with chemicals, to take care of their routine. Gift them with AHAVA‘s special grooming collection for men, which contains healthy essentials and clean ingredients.

AHAVA, the luxurious skin care company that integrates the health benefits of the Dead Sea Salts’ magnesium into its fantastic collection for men, makes an awesome gift for your husband, boyfriend, brother-in-law, etc. From shower gels and shaving cream to moisturizers and bath products, AHAVA’s quality products help your man feel pampered all year round.

All products contain osmoter, a signature blend of potent minerals sourced directly from the Dead Sea. It acts as a moisture magnet to hydrate and replenish. Ingredients include calendula rich in flavonoids (plant-based oxidants that calm and protect skin from aging), ginseng, gingko biloba leaf, and green tea to repair and protect from bacterial infections, and dunaliella algae (rich in beta caroten and Vitamin A) to naturally shield from the sun.

The collection includes a AHAVA Men Mineral Shower Gel, a AHAVA Men Foam-Free Shaving Cream, a AHAVA Men Exfoliating Cleansing Gel, AHAVA Men Roll on Deodorant, AHAVA Men Mineral Hand Cream and more.

My favorites:

AHAVA Men’s Mineral Shower Gel with Dead Sea minerals has delicious citrusy, woody aromatic scents that refresh and energize the skin without drying it.

AHAVA Men Foam-Free Shaving Cream is silky and permits close shaving without drying the skin.

AHAVA Men’s Roll-On Mineral Deodorant – magnesium-based roll-on deodorant to reduce underarm odors. Suitable for sensitive skin, it does not irritate the skin but nourishes it.

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